In the spring semester of 2019 I took a class called creating online media. In it we learned the basics of HTML and CSS coding for the first half of the class and then used what we learned to create our own sites for the last half. The site I coded, Ludamoon, serves as a … Continue reading Ludamoon


The Harrowing Adventures of Santa Cruz Pt. 1

I'll never be able to ride a roller coaster again. This summer I flew to Santa Cruz to go camping with a good friend and her family. They kindly invited my sorry self along for what turned out to be a very memorable week. On the third day of the trip we went to the Santa Cruz … Continue reading The Harrowing Adventures of Santa Cruz Pt. 1

My Little Dear: A Feature Story

Description: A feature story I wrote for my very first communications class. I worked on this paper for an entire semester! Finally, I took it to my professor a day before it was due to get final feedback. She regretingly told me it was 80% narrative and 20% research. She needed 20% narrative and 80% … Continue reading My Little Dear: A Feature Story


Description: I had the privilege to take a fantastic photography class from Professor Caryn Esplin at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I have learned so much about the art of photography and am proud to present my best work from the semester in a this photobook. I took all the pictures in the book as well as … Continue reading Photobook

Paternity Leave Arguement Analysis

Description: A paper I wrote analyzing an editorial article written by Scott Coltrane. The purpose of the paper was to teach students to not only think critically, but read critically. Date: Winter 2018 PART 1: READING WITH THE GRAIN Summary: In his Atlantic Daily article, The Risky Business of Paternity Leave,Scott Coltrane, a professor of sociology … Continue reading Paternity Leave Arguement Analysis

Parkland: Media Coverage Analysis

Description: A paper I wrote which covers several weeks of media coverage from the moment the Parkland shooting occured. The purpose of the paper was to use as many resources as possible as much as possible without plagarizing or editorializing. The first section is the paper, the second is a bibliography and the third an … Continue reading Parkland: Media Coverage Analysis

The Venue: A PR Plan

Description: A group project which I individually dedicated 40+ hours to. I designed and created the book, wrote the press release, designed the adds, and wrote several pages of content. My team wrote the rest of the content, contacted The Venue's owner, wrote the survey and helped proofread and edit the content. I poured everything … Continue reading The Venue: A PR Plan

Political Differences: Memo

How BYU-Idaho students compare to the rest of America. Description: This memo was researched, written and designed individually. The purpose was to identify the differences between BYU-Idaho students and other college students in America as it pertains to preformance and political influence. Date: Spring 2018 280-memo-final-pdfDownload

Idaho Crashes

Description: A presentation on Idaho crashes in 2013. I recieved, summarized, and organized the data provided to me in Excel. I then used Google Fusion to create a map of the data and PowerPoint to present it. Date: Spring 2018 IdahoCrashes_PDFDownload

Social Media & Dating

An analysis of how long it takes BYU-Idaho students to graduate Description: This project was completed individually. I summarized data I recieved and organized it into charts and graphs using Excel. I also wrote, designed and created the final report. Date: Spring 2018 SocialMedia_DatingDownload