To The Chariot Guy

Dear chariot guy,

I’ve seen a lot of people.

Today I saw someone new.  He looked like a college basketball player. He had a hat on backwards with an afro poking out the back.

He pushed his wheelchair while the attendant behind him pushed another. It looked like a silver chariot.

He grabbed his bag with his hand and steadied his chair with a stub that ended just past his elbow.

He lifted his almost weightless bottom half into a more comfortable position, standing on his stumps in his seat.

This guy was you.

You may look at yourself very differently, but this is what I saw. I feel so inclined to tell you that you made an impression on me.

I’ve seen a lot of people.

Nearly all of them wear their limitations on the inside, but you wear yours on the outside.

Vulnerability is something I imagine you are acutely aware of. It must take a great deal of courage to be you every single day.

I applaud you. I wish I would have been brave enough to ask you what it’s like to be unable to hide your limitations.

I learned an important principle from you sir. I learned to accept my weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Not to eradicate them, but to work with them so I can strengthen myself.

Thank you Mr. Chariot Guy.

I’ve seen a lot of people.

But I’ve never seen anyone who taught me as much as you did in just one look.

Image: Qiang Locke by Will Moyer

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