The Greenie.

So important stuff first-

My address is 603 Himes Ave. #111 Fredrick MD, 21702

I’m serving in the Frederick, MD Braddock Heights ward and I love it! It’s mostly country, cows, and trees! We have a big chunk that is townhouses and apartments, but so much of our area is “unexplored” territory! I love it!

My companions name is Sister Feigna and she’s from Tonga! I love her, but she can’t drive! So I’m officially the first missionary to be able to drive on day 1. Everyone else has to wait until the end of their first transfer!

From the moment I stepped off the plane I felt loved. Guess why. The Blackfoot We The People team was leaving from Nationals out of the SAME gate I landed in on. I walked off the plane into the loving arms and friends. I couldn’t have had a better welcoming party.

I have very little time left, so let me quickly share a miracle that occurred on Saturday.

*Talking to people is easy, but getting a return appointment where they’re actually home is TOUGH. So we had stopped by a lady’s house every day since I got in the mission, but she had never been home. On Friday her daughter answered the door and told us to come back tomorrow before 2 p.m.

We stopped by at 11 and she didn’t answer. We figured we could try one more time before 2 so we stopped by around 1:30. I knocked and there was no answer. So I said a prayer that went something like this.

“Lord if she is asleep, please wake her up so we can talk to her.”

I knocked again.

About two minutes later she opened the door in her robe, she had been asleep.*

The Lord answers our prayers when they are said in Christ’s name and we have the faith to have them answered. 

He has done it for me over and over and over again daily. Even now He answers my plea for The Spirit and strength to be able to do His work.

I ran out of time today, but I will write a more detailed email next week. I love you all so much. The Lord loves you so much. Be safe.

Love, Sister Johnson

Sister Feinga!
Always eating! Thanks for the treats Mom!

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