The Restoration

This little guy’s name is Cracker!
Recently my new favorite animal has become a cow so I spent a good 20 minutes petting this cute little guy while we had dinner with a member and her family.

Well my friends, it’s been crazy this week. I feel like five minutes ago I was writing last weeks email. Yet, here I am!

This week Sister Feinga and I picked up FIVE new investigators! Which means we’ve taught the restoration a lot!
But there is one experience in particular I want to share.
*My companion and I were knocking on a referrals door at about 7:30 in the evening on Wednesday. They didn’t answer so we were about to head to a different referal when we remembered there was someone just a few doors down we had wanted to contact!
We knocked on her door and to our surprise she answered! Then she let us in! We started talking to her about the Book of Mormon. She had been given one before, but didn’t really understand what it was about or even what it was.
(Sidenote- Earlier that morning I had used my personal study to really work on reciting the first vision. I was going to teach it to an investigator earlier that day, but she canceled on us.)
Anywho, we started explaining the stories and what it was about and Marta seemed really interested, but in the way you would be interested in just another good book.
She didn’t understand the significance or the origins of The Book of Mormon. Which made since because no one had taught her!
Now the whole time my companion had been doing most of the talking. I was just sitting on the couch praying my heart out becauseIdidn’t know what to say. Then, very clearly, the thought entered my mind “Just open your mouth.” I waited until my companion finished speaking and then I just opened my mouth. Out came a testimony of how much Heavenly Father loved this woman. I knew I was only speaking the words The Spirit was putting into my heart and mind. *
I knew in that moment that Heavenly Father loved this lady so deeply and so sincerely that He sent the missionaries to teach her. So we did just that and I continued to tell her the story of a young boy named Joseph Smith and his desire to receive an answer from heavenly Father. I watched a light come into her eyes. It was one of the most miraculous things I have ever seen in my life. I knew it was the power of The Holy Ghost teaching her and testifying to her the truthfulness of The Restoration.
The Spirit is the teacher my friends. Not only does he teach others, but he teaches us. 
I’m deepening my conversion to Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father every single day because I feel The Spirit every single day.
It’s hard NOT to feel The Spirit when you realize how much heavenly Father loves you and all the people around you.
My companion and I had a hard day this week where all the doors slammed and all the appointments were canceled. As we we’re walking to our car around 8 p.m we met a super drunk dude who said his name was Robert. We talked to him for almost an hour. Evern though he was totally wasted, he still wanted to talk about Jesus! We taught him the Word of Wisdom, The Law of Chasity, and the Book of Mormon all in one!
He said before we left, “You know girls I don’t believe in coincidences. I think God sent you here to talk to me tonight and witness to me that I need to change. I wanted to give up drinking this week, but if you can’t tell I’ve had a bit tonight. You ladies are angels sent from heaven to help me know God’s watching over me and wants me to change.”
Yeah he was drunk, but that didn’t stop The Spirit from testifying to me the truthfulness of his words. God does send His servants all over the world to testify to others that change is possible through Jesus Christ.
Full-time missionary or not, if you have covenanted with God to follow His Son Jesus Christ you ARE His. You ARE His servant and if you soften your heart and open your mouth He WILL use you to help others.
I know it’s true because I’ve experienced it. 
Never give up my friends. Always keep going. Always turn to The Lord. Always remember Him.
Be Strong, Be Beautiful, Be Brave and Be YOU!
I love you all with my whole heart.

Sister Johnson

Our ward had a Cinco De Mayo fiesta to raise money for Girls camp! It was so fun!
This is Heidi! She’s my bud.

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