Time is Precious.


We had a baptism this week! This is Aisha!

So this week was CRAZY. The only day we took a lunch break was Sunday…we were so busy and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. We only have two and a half weeks until transfers. Sister Feinga has been in this area for six months so if she doesn’t get transferred I would be surprised.

There’s so much work to do. I get so mad at myself when we get lost, go over on a dinner appointment, or have to waste time walking because we have so much to do. It’s nuts! I never thought I would be THIS tired in my life. The crazy thing is I’m exhausted, but I’m happy. I lay down and my body feels like cement, but I’m happy to get up in the morning! It’s super weird.
Missionary work is busy people! And if it’s not busy then you’re doing something wrong! I’m realizing quickly that time truly belongs to The Lord. Not us. If we don’t milk that time to do His work or prepare ourselves, families, and friends, to meet Him then we are wasting our time. 
There’s a lot that goes on in the world that doesn’t matter. In fact it doesn’t do anything but waste time. Those things make missionaries really frustrated ;P They slow down the work of salvation!
Really, what’s more important? Strengthening your testimony or watching the latest episode of Once Upon a time on Netflix? Going to the temple or going to dinner with a bunch of friends?
Call my perspective biased (because it is) but I pray everyone will be able to evaluate how they spend their time.
We have an investigator who barely meets with us because she’s always doing SOMETHING. She is not progressing.
We have another investigator who only meets with us on weekend. She is progressing, but struggles to focus on what we teach her.
Then we have an investigator who is willing to meet with us at anytime she isn’t working. She takes her Book of Mormon with her everywhere. She is progressing and changing at an incredible rate. 
What do you spend most of your time doing? How much time to you take out of your day to ponder the scriptures and pray?
We all have busy lives. God knows that. Yet, He asks for our whole hearts, our will, and all of our desires.
When we give everything we can, and then a little more to Him; we will find true happiness.
I promise that if you strive to make Christ the center of your life you will progress in The Gospel. You will come to know your Savior and you will come to know yourself.
I’ve seen it happen.
I love you all.
Be Strong, Be Brave, Be you.

Love, Sister Johnson

I ate that. The octopus. Call me brave.
I kinda feel like Snow White… Bunnies, squirrels and birds are EVERYWHERE!
This super big cat and I were friends until he tried to eat me.
If I have one artistic skill.. it is drawing the plan of salvation for our investigators. This one isn’t finished, but it’s in the works!

1 thought on “Time is Precious.”

  1. Sister Johnson
    Love your posts. You are teaching about the things that took place in the area we served our last mission, Palmyra NY.


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