Holy Smokes, It’s July.

Kristin Stevenson drove Sister Feinga and I to Baltimore on Friday for my doctor’s appointment! One of the first things I saw was a man living in a tent.

Yes dad, you were right. I am the most naive person on the planet.
All i could keep thinking about was “zombies could take over this city.” I watched I am Legend one too many times and everytime I looked out my window I thought about zombies.
Especially since the Heroin addicts are clearly identifiable and classifed as “leaners” because they walk leaning forward! Super creepy!!!!!
On the plus side there were SO many people. I would never leave my street if I served there!


So can we take a second and realize the year is HALF over???? Not to mention this transfer only has two weeks left!

They made a big change to  our mission boundaries so the upcoming transfer is going to be interesting!
The Annapolis stake is now part of the Washington DC North mission and the Lancester and Chambersburg stakes are now part of the Maryland Baltimore mission! Which means we get Gettysburg!!!!!!!!!!!! We also get 44 new missionaries! We lose the 20 that were serving in Annapolis, but gain all the ones serving in Lancester and Chambersburg.
Needless to say, I’m super excited.***

So President Olsen in the stake holds a huge fourth of July Breakfast every year, and we spent 8 hours on Saturday setting up for it!

I got to climb a tree though! The Elders and Sister I was hanging the giant flag with didn’t want me to climb the tree because of the sketchiness of the ladder. Unfortunately for them I’m stubborn so I climbed it anyway.
They hung the flag really low though!!! Our zone leader Elder Wilson said it was fine and told me to come down (which I did very reluctantly). Then an hour later I walk back and the flag was 15 feet higher! After we were finished they went back and rehung the flag! They sent an elder up on the tree 15 feet higher than I went!
Silly Elders.


Down below are more pictures from President Olsen’s picnic! We got there at 7 in the morning yesterday and I made pancake batter and flipped pancakes for an hour and a half! After the program (which involved Benjamin Franklin and a service dog named Huff) there was a pie eating contest! I did NOT participate, but I did stand too close to some very aggressive competitors who started throwing pie at each other.

I ended up with Pie in places pie should never go 😂 It was a blast. Then we had an egg toss! My little friend and I didn’t last too long, but it was so fun!
 IMG_2285IMG_2295Under the flag is Sister Feinga and myself with Sister Lancester and Sister Talbert who are serving in the Urbana area. IMG_2304IMG_2309IMG_2314IMG_2316

My ideal night of planning involves a big bowl of chocolate ice cream. No wonder I’m gaining weight…


Something blew up at our local gas station! Super cool!!!!


The bugs here really like my blood. I get a new bite everyday at least and mostly on my feet!
To keep myself from scratching them I put on itch cream and then a band-aid over top, but the band-aids we have fall off when I’m sleeping! Solution = socks, but I HATE sleeping with socks on because I can’t wiggle my toes!
Solution…cut the toes off my socks.


Also big news- Jackie is getting baptized!!!! She texted us after church on Sunday and said she finally gained the testimony she was looking for.
She will be baptized a week after Christina on July 23 and Heaven will be baptized a week after her on July 30th!
The field is so white and ready to harvest my friends. There are people in this world that are searching for The Gospel and don’t know where to find it.
I’m so blessed and privileged to be a part of The Lord’s work. I’m realizing more and more missionary work is meant to bless ALL of God’s children, including the missionaries. Especially the missionaries.
I am growing more than I could ever imagine. The work is hard! It’s hard to wake up every morning and face the world with your shoulders squared!
It’s hard to forgive yourself of your mistakes and change your heart.
But has God not commanded us to be perfect? Has He not called us to Come unto Christ and follow His example?
We know from Nephi that God will not command us to do something we cannot do. he will always provide a way for us to accomplish that which He has commanded us.
I know The Book Of Mormon is the Word of God. I know Christ is my personal Savior. I know Joseph Smith was Christ’s instrument in restoring The Gospel and the Priesthood upon the earth. I know that through faith in Jesus Christ, we can accomplish miracles.
I love you all! Be you, Be Strong, Be Beautiful!
Love, Sister Johnson

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