Hospitals, Heroin, and Homelessness

This week has been INSANE.

We lost three investigators- Christina, Marguerite, and Pia. The rest of our investigators wouldn’t answer their phones or their doors until yesterday we got ahold of two of them. Jackie and Heaven!
It’s nuts, we went from 4 baptisms planned for July and 14 investigators to 1 baptism planned for July and 8 investigators. So is the life of a missionary!
I worried for few weeks though that I was a bad missionary. That it was my fault these people were falling away and choosing not to pray, come to church, or read their scriptures. I blamed myself and reasoned that if I worked harder they would understand!
You cannot MAKE someone understand. You cannot MAKE someone have a testimony. All you can do is love, invite, and testify of the things you know to be true.
It took me a few weeks to figure that out 😛 But now I’ve got it so we’re good peeps!
So, onto the crazy email title.
Hospitals- I had another trip to the hospital on Friday and decided to get a teeny little surgery that will relieve me of a lot of my issues. Hopefully. The bad part is, my doctor told me I need to plan to take two weeks off….if the surgery doesn’t make me grumpy and sore staying for two weeks sure will!!!
But at the hospital I had the same nurse who I had last time! Which is fantastic because last time we talked about church a lot. She really doesn’t want to raise her kids in B-More (who would?) and is looking for a church. Fortunately I’m a missionary. Unfortunately I have a poor memory and I forgot to give her the address to the church in B-More with the missionaries phone number!
God does make up the difference though, I brought a card with the address and phone number with me into my appointment and lo and behold there she was 🙂
Heroin- I never realized how much drugs affect our world. (probably because I’m from Mormon town) But the Heroin wildfire is spreading like crazy. We picked up an investigator recently who is 48 years old and has a four year old daughter. The dad is a heroin addict.
I learned so much about drugs that day and how they destroy people’s lives…it’s absolutely visible here. Don’t do drugs kids. IMG_2333IMG_2329IMG_2331
Homelessness- We picked up a different investigator Friday night and scheduled a church tour with her. She’s 21 and super cool! Saturday we couldn’t get ahold of her and she bailed on the church tour. Sunday we got a text from her that said,
“I’m sorry guy’s. A lot has happened since I talked to you. I found out I’m pregnant and my dad’s boyfriend kicked me out of the house. I’m now homeless. Do you know any women’s shelters?”
We spent the next 30 minutes talking to members and finding 6 shelters, adresses, and phone numbers. Unfortunately non were open until this morning. She spent the night on the street. Which is super dangerous here.
This has been a depressing email…but please realize the world is full of wicked. It is full of darkness.
Our job as disciples of Christ is to spread the light where we can, do what we can, and Arise and Shine Forth. For Christ is the light, life, and the truth.
I love you all. Today, I am especially grateful you are safe.
Take some time to love those around you today ok? We need more love in this world.
Love, Sister Johnson

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