Hello, I love you.

Transfers are on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We found out last night that Sister Feinga is going to Winchester to be a sister training leader and I’m staying in Frederick!!

I’m super excited to be staying in Frederick, but also super nervous to be leading out an area. I know I can’t do it, but I know The Lord can! So with His help I hopefully won’t burn down Braddock Heights.
My new companion is Sister Koyle, she’s been on her mission for 9 months now. That’s all I know 😛
Jacky is getting baptized on the 30th!!!!!!! She is so amazing and faithful and strong. We’re working on getting her to type out her conversion story. I’ll send it to ya’ll when I get it from her.
We lost everyone else though. They recently opened a ward for the YSA in Frederick so there are YSA missionaries now! Since Heaven is in that age group and category we pass her off to the YSA missionaries.
We went to the aquarium in Baltimore with the Charleston Sisters and had a blast!
Our two investigators we found this week both speak Burmese….there is a surprising amount of people from Burma here and none of them speak English. One of the Elders in our ward has taught Burmese people before and has the material for them so we passed them off to him.
Our other investigator moved to Brunswick, which is in our district! But not our ward. So we passed her off to our District Leader and His companion.
It feels like we’re just finding investigators for OTHER missionaries 😛 It doesn’t matter though 🙂 They’re not our investigators, they’re The Lords! And we’re all representatives of Jesus Christ!
Nonetheless, Satan has really been hammering our area. We can tell when He’s working on someone extra hard and it feels like all the powers of Hell are combining against our investigators.
So. I decided to fight back. If the powers of Hell are going to work to tear these people away from the truth then I will call upon the powers of Heaven to bring them to Christ.
I declared war on Satan.
I recommitted myself in writing to be better than I ever have before because God need’s righteous warriors. He needs those with the faith and determination that Nephi, Heleman, and Ammon had.
God know’s I am not one of those people, but Christ bled and died so I can become one of those people for those who need someone to fight for them. To fight with them.
I’m not alone. There are thousands, even millions, of members and missionaries who have declared war on Satan and are fighting for God to bring about good in this world.
Have you consioosuly declared war on Satan? Do you have the faith to do so? Do you have the courage to join this very real fight?

I know who I am writing to and I know that you do have that faith and you do have that courage. So fight him, stand up and stand out in this world and stand up for the principles of righteousness.

Put on the whole armor of God!
The Gospel is true. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Lord’s kingdom on the earth. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. It will tell you all things what ye should do.
Pray for those who are investigating the church! They need your prayers!
I love you all with my whole heart.
-Sister Johnson
happy 7/11 day!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had too many slurpee’s….
We went quilting at Sister Bowden’s with Heaven!
Beautiful Sunset
Beautiful Koi pond.

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