2 minutes.

IMG_2428IMG_2422I have two minutes.

Most important thing- Jacky is getting baptized on Saturday.

She is the most amazing woman I have met. Her heart has changed dramatically since when we first started teaching her. It is a miracle to witness the atonement physically change someone’s countenance. That is the true blessing of being a missionary!

Sister Koyle and I are the same person. It’s a miracle we are together! Our lives are incredibly similar and we struggle with many of the same things. She has already been a great strength to me.

Planning with someone who doesn’t know where to go is the hardest thing I have done since I stepped off the airplane. It’s stressful, long, frustrating, and a lot of white out required.

But, God knows our struggles. This week nearly all of our appointments have fallen into our laps and from those we have found 3 new investigators. All solid. All promising. It has been an absolute miracle.

My district.
Part of my zone.

The greatest miracle of all though is the atonement of Jesus Christ. We are not perfect. We sin everyday and we fall short of the standards we set for ourselves everyday. BUT with Christ nothing shall be impossible unto us.

With Christ we can witness and work miracles. We can find those in need. We can be buyoed up by angels. We can be protected. We can be filled with The Holy Ghost. We can become like God!

I can think of no greater miracle and I get to witness it every single day! I love being a missionary!!

I love you all!

Love-Sister Johnson
It’s been 100 degree’s and up the past week….(here it is 108.) pray for cooler weather!
Everyone calls me princess in this area, and Kristin found me a crown!!!
Sister Koyle hurt the road with our bike rack.

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