Be Your Best Convert

Best Day Ever.

IMG_2460Jacky was baptized on Saturday! I had the wonderful opportunity to stand at the edge of the font and hold her towel for her. The minute she came up out of the water she started to cry. She said she knew right when she came up that she had done the right thing.


I still haven’t stopped smiling.
Witnessing Jacky’s total change of heart has been a life altering experience for me. Not many missionaries have the opportunity to begin teaching an investigator and then guide them into life as a new member. I feel so blessed.


We also started teaching a little girl. She’s 11 and her name is Savanna. Her mom hasn’t been very active in the church, but recently has decided to come back! And Savanna wants to come with her! She will be baptized on the 20th of this month.
Which is great because I’m getting surgery on the 22nd! I’ll be on house arrest for two weeks after that so we have to find a bunch of solid people to teach and help them get in the habit of meeting and coming to church before things get crazy.
We went to Costco!!!! We bought 30 rolls of toilet paper for 10 bucks. #thelittlethings
We also spent 2 hours making a map of our area!!!
Not gonna lie I’m pretty proud of us. it was a real accomplishment.
We have the cutest primary kids in our ward. This little girl showed us her baby bunny named blackberry in her peacock dress. She’s got it made.
Hello Beautiful!
In other news – we had exchanges with our sister training leaders! Sister Stolworthy (From Vegas) came with me! She had served in Braddock Heights at the beginning of her mission so almost all the members we visited she already knew!! We had way too much fun at dinner with the Macharsky girls. I laughed so hard my belly hurt the rest of the night! We took ONE good picture.
I really just want to testify that The Lord knows what we stand in need of. He will take care of us and He does love us. he has given me everything I have asked for and more.
I love you all more than I can say.
Love, Sister Johnson
P.S. A baby miracle—
The ward had a picnic last week and someone brought this huge thing of kettle corn which is my favorite food.
I had three cups of it at the picnic and I’m pretty sure the family who brought it noticed because when we pulled up to Costco we pulled into the parking space right next to their van (not knowing it was them). One of the girls ran out and said “Sister Johnson! We just bought this for you!”
They bought me two huge bas of kettle corn.
I am loved.
P.P.S Sister Koyle is very very very VERY small.IMG_2457

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