Do you know Jesus?

So I’m getting transferred to Woodstock!!!! My new companion is Sister Evanson. She is one of the missionaries we got from PA last transfer when our boundaries changed! So I have no idea who she is 😛 But I do know I’ve probably been out longer than her because I’m the senior companion. Which means I’m driving again! Woohoo!

I’m excited for our adventure because we’re white washing woodstock! It’s also called shotgunning. What happens is President will take both missionaries out of an area. So in Woodstock they took both sisters out at the same time and then they bring into two brand new sisters.
We have a lot to do. Neither of us will have any clue who to visit, who members are, where anything is, nothing. It’s going to be such an adventure 😀
Sister Koyle is staying in Braddock Heights and she’s training a new missionary! I’m pumped for her! She’s nervous, but she’s going to do amazing!

Savana was baptized on Saturday!!!!! It was such an amazing day. There were a lot of tears..Sister Johnson gave the talk on Baptism and Jacky gave the talk on The Holy Ghost!

I love this little girl with all my heart. She is the sweetest and most humble spirit. She radiates peace and joy.
I never thought my heart would belong to so may people. Sometimes I feel ready to explode I love people so much! The people here are why I’m here. Savana, Jacky, and so many others are the reason I am serving a mission. I love them and I love my Savior.
This week Sister Koyle and I forgot my GPS, I know the area pretty well without it by now, but I still get my rights and lefts mixed up so we ended up lost. We drove past a lady and her husband walking their dog and they stared at our picture of Jesus on our windshield! We kept driving for about a minute then decided to turn around and go ask the for directions which they gave to us readily. Super friendly people.
Well then they stated walking away and we hadn’t even told them who we were so I called them back, pulled out a card, and introduced us. Then the weirdest question came out of my mouth in the weirdest way. I said, “Do you know Jesus?”
I said it like I was asking her if she knew some guy who lives down the road! It was weird.
She said, “Yes, I do.” and walked away.
As I reflected on the super weird question, I wondered if she really does know Jesus. I wondered, “Do I really know Jesus?”
Do you really know Jesus?
I think it’s a question we can all ask ourselves. In order to fulfill our purpose in this life and eternity we must know Our Savior. We must be able to recognize His name, image, and Spirit. He lives. You can get to know Him as you would get to know a friend!
So I have a challenge. This week take some time and really get to know Jesus Christ. Read your scriptures, pray, serve, testify. Do the things Christ would do and you will be able to come to know Him better.

We all wore our denim dresses we got in Gettysburg!! The whole zone got together for one last picture after zone training! I’ll miss all these crazy people!

The ward had an ice cream social on sunday night and it was so fun! The little black girl is Sara. She was baptized in May and I love her.
Jacky brought Tucker and everyone loved him. She’s doing so amazing in this ward. She blows me away everytime I talk to her and she has become one of my closest friends. I admire her for her strength, faith, charity, and testimony. She is meant to bless the lives of so many…and has already blessed mine.


I love you all 🙂 I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the church of the resurrected Christ. I believe it. I hope it. I love it.
Have a safe week ya’ll. I’ll email from Woodstock next week.
Love, Sister Johnson

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