No One is Alone

img_8863Over the last three days I have had one lesson reaffirmed to me over and over again by my heavenly Father through the Holy Ghost.

No One Is Alone
Previous to receiving the impressions I have been blessed to receive, I pondered being alone a great deal. I’ve met two incredible women in the past two weeks who live by themselves (along with some pets and plants). Both are widows and both have various medical issues. We’ll call them Geraldine and Phoebe.
Geraldine has dementia and Phoebe has recently had back and knee surgery, and both women are in their 70’s. We have taught both of them the message of The Restored Gospel and are going to continue teaching Phoebe! Geraldine can’t remember anything we teach her, so we’ll just stop by and read the Book of Mormon with her when we’re near her house.
Anywho, both women live alone and both women can’t drive. So essentially they’re stuck by themselves in their houses. I wish I could move them in with us, but I can’t. In fact there is very little I can do whatsoever to improve their situations!
So I’ve been thinking about them and praying them for a week and on Sunday we had a fireside with Sandra Turley. She and her family visited Woodstock and sang for the ward and community while delivering inspiring messages centered on the Gospel.
Sandra played Cozette in the cast of Les Mis on Broadway several years ago and is incredibly blessed with a beautiful voice and a beautiful family! She sang several songs like; “Glorious” from Meet the Mormons, “For Good” from Wicked, and “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera. Not to mention she sang all my favorite parts from Les Mis in 6 and a half minutes.
As she sang she told her story and how she and her husband Josh got their beautiful little family. She was inspiring and the non-members sitting next to me were touched by her messages of hope and pure Christ-like love.
But my favorite part was when she sang “No One Is Alone” from Into the Woods. As she sang tears filled my eyes and The Spirit whispered to my heart that truly no one is without God. No matter how far you’ve fallen into the pit of sin, depression, loneliness, and anger our Savior Jesus Christ is right there. When we call like Peter “Lord, save me!” Christ pulls us from what would condemn us and brings us safely back to His Grace.
I wrote in my notebook as she sang, “I can’t express how much I know, by the power of The Holy Ghost,  that God is with me and all of US.”
That was SundayOn Monday Elder Robert C. Gay from the Quorum of the Seventy came on a mission tour and instructed the mission for zone conference. I don’t have time to go over everything he said because I have over 6 pages of notes, but again the central message I received was no one is alone. Christ is involved in the very details of our lives.
Yesterday I received instruction and inspiration which has changed my mission. It has changed me and the way I teach. The Lord answered ALL of my questions and my prayers and over and over again The Spirit taught me the great and eternal truth God loves us.
This morning I was in my closet getting dressed and I was overwhelmed by a sense of frustration with my weaknesses, with people, and with just about everything. As I have done many times before in my closet, I dropped to my knees and poured out my heart to God. A question came to mind…”Who are you” I answered both in my heart and out loud  “I am a daughter of God.” Another question followed, “And what does that mean?”
In that moment I knew that as a child of God I had a Father who would not leave me alone. The same goes for Geraldine, Phoebe, and you. You are a child of God and you are not alone. God knows your fears, your frustrations, your worries, your anger, and ultimately He knows your heart. We never have to feel like we go through this life without someone by our side, because we don’t. I know that by the Spirit of The Lord Jesus Christ and I bear testimony of it in His Name.
I love you all. Stay safe this week and remember who you are and who walks beside you.
With all my love,
Sister Samantha Johnson

Our District Meeting was at the church in Lurray (it used to be a dentists office and sat about 30 people max) and the drive there was gorgeous!! Here’s pictures of the beautiful view here!



We did service on Saturday for a Lutheran camp in Fort Valley. The task for the ward was to clear the sides of the field where trees and such had overtaken it. They said they needed someone to man the bonfire they were going to start in the middle of the field where the trees would be burned. The first thing that came out of my mouth was, “Oh! I love fire!” Next thing I knew the guy in charge threw me a lighter and off the sister missionaries go to burn down the world with the Spirit of God!
 I used my good ole girls camp skills to build a log cabin with some dead leaves in the middle and started lighting. And lighting. And shifting to get a better position….and lighting, and those stinking leaves would not catch fire! All smoke and no flames! I lite that teeny little lighter so many times I got a blister on my thumb.
Then the pride started to kick in. I was not going to move until these leaves were nice and roasted and I had a big happy fire. We even tried lighting a card which I’m sure is some form of sacrilege. Bishop offered help, but no way was I going to let someone come in and light the fire when I “knew” i could do it. Fortunately my companion is much smarter than me and finally said we needed to ask someone for help.
Eventually all I was doing was tearing a hole in my thumb so I sucked up my pride and grabbed the guy in charge….and even he couldn’t start it! Someone should have slapped me because i had the biggest “I told you so” on my face 😛
So he went and grabbed some paper from a cabin and it lite up right away and BOOM. FIRE. At that point I was a little more humbled…if I would have asked for the appropriate materials/help in the first place we could’ve had fire in 5 minutesrather than 30.
Bishop came over and said “Hey look! Fire!” and I said, “Yeah, all it took was the right materials and some humility.”
In the end my ankles were BLACK as seen below and my heart was a little softer. Funny how God works isn’t it?


P.S I am the queen of the Silo.

P.P.S Don’t judge. I kinda look like a man in this picture.


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