True to My Promise

img_8870The ward puts pictures of the full-time missionaries on their bulletin board! Seriously how cute is that?

Before I share my super cool story I just want to let everyone know I shook the hand of the apostle. Elder Dallin H. Oaks shook my hand and said my name….Then when we were singing the closing hymn to our two hour conference with him, Elder Calderwood, and Elder Robbins, he looked right and me and smiled!

That’s why you sit in the second row my friends.
So besides that awesome fact we met a woman who changed my life and testimony forever. We’ll call her Phyllis. Sister Evenson and I were contacting potentials and felt like we should know this house across the street! So off we went and knock we did!
A lady opened the door who looks my grandma (Good sign #1). She had a deer hanging on the wall and had used the hooves as a gun rack (Good sign #2). She was happy and smiling and said “Oh! you’re the Mormons!” (Good sign #3). She told us to hang on for a minute and went and turned off her TV and then stepped our onto her porch to talk to us. (Good sign #4)
We were super excited. This lady was awesome! Then she started telling us what we believe. Which was all good until she got to the Godhead. She flat out told us we were wrong. I started to argue a little bit! I didn’t really understand what was going on yet, so I thought I was just helping her understand what we DO believe. It didn’t work like that.
Quickly we realized this woman was a pro bible basher. We knew we needed to leave so I grabbed an articles of faith card while Sister Evenson told her about the Life of Christ videos. That was safe territory. I wrote the website and title of videos on the card and gave it to her! I told her that on the inside were 13 of our core beliefs.
Well she took that little card and started reading out loud what they were. She agreed with everything until she got to the fourth article of faith. She told us the priesthood was lost from the earth never to be restored after the apostles died. Then she went inside and got her bible to prove it.
She continued to tell us we were wrong. Our prophet is a liar. Our testimonies are of the devil and we’re going to Hell. She slandered our beliefs and our leaders. She disgraced the Book of Mormon.
As she spoke a fire welled up inside of me. I felt attacked and I felt abused. I was more angry than I ever have been at someone. I was ready to destroy this woman and all of her arguments with the most powerful testimony I had ever born. I literally was taking a deep breath and physically bracing myself when I had a thought, “What would Christ do?”
My whole body and mind were instantly filled with a different kind of power. Love instead of hate. Phyllis told us that she was there to preach to us! To save our souls from Hell and to tell us we were wrong so we could be saved.
Before I even knew what I was saying I told her I would pray about what she had said. As soon as the words left my mouth the contention dissipated. He face changed. Her stance changed. She continued to tell me that was good and I would find my answers and I asked her, “When I pray about this, what if I find an answer that what I believe is true still?”
She told me to check with the bible. If it was in the bible it was from God. I promised her I would read and pray. Before we left I felt like giving her a hug…weird huh?

So here’s the deal. I really like bacon and eggs fro breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This week a wonderful member (Sister Weaver) MADE me gluten free bread so I made a delicious grilled cheese with bacon. Happy day all is well right? WRONGO!

Every single time I make food the fire alarms go off! Here is a wonderful picture of me making delicious bacon as the fire alarms scream at me. We have a fire alarm in every single room! And they’re crazy sensitive! I would find some brilliant way to connect that to The Gospel, but I’m just too darned fed up with the fire alarms. Seriously, this Sister Missionary can’t even make potato soup without the alarms going off. It drives me bonkers.
Here’s our house! It’s pretty cute! I didn’t take a picture of our room because Sister Evenson was sleeping and no one wants a picture on the internet of them sleeping.
Well I want you to know that I will be true to my promise to Phyllis. I have 30 seconds left so I’ll write next week about what happens next time, but I love you all. The Gospel is true. I promise.

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