Angels Have Ice Cream

Storytime. We went to go visit a wonderful lady who we’ve seen a few times this week and I made a fatal mistake. I put my purse next to me and not on my lap. Now for some reason dogs and cats REALLY like me on my mission. Seriously Bishops dog Pilgrim (A huge goldendoodle) sat on me yesterday. Well this cats name in Cinderella. She’s a princess.

She’s a princess who found my lap and sat there for an hour. Not only sat there, but completely groomed herself! The poor thing is allergic to fleas so she has super scaly dry skin and very little hair. Not to mention fleas, but I didn’t want to be rude! So I let the cat sit on my lap while it scratched, licked, and did every yoga pose in the book. I think it stayed still for a total of 2 minutes, but whatever. At least she kept my lap warm.
Definitely an adventure. Also a miracle I didn’t adopt her fleas.

The last day of the month is typically a rough day for a missionary. You’re out of miles, money, and motivation. It was no different for Sister Evenson and I except we got few inches of rain as well! So that left us walking the streets of Woodstock at 8 o’clock at night in the rain just having a good ole time.

We were super cold and out of people to visit, because no one wants a wet missionary in their nice warm, dry, house at 8 PM. So we just kept walking! We made a plan that would require us to walk back to our car and use the 3 miles we had left. On the way to the car we say a cute little house with their front porch all lit up.
Now missionaries are as good as spiritual trick-or-treaters, except we bring the treat to you. I have a whole 19 years of experience trick-or-treating so I know if the porch light is on that person has candy.
So off we went to knock on the lighted house! Well my friends, not only did someone come right to the door, but that someone immediately invited us in! She said “I know who you are, I’m Irish catholic and I don’t want to be converted. I work for a company in Utah where 80% of my coworkers are Mormon. I know all about your religion. Why don’t you come on in and dry off?”
Super. Nice. Lady. We were already shocked she invited us in, but then she said, “Take off your shoes, I’ll take your coats and can I get you some Hot chocolate? You go sit down (on her super wonderful clean couch) and I’ll make you drinks. Do you want ICE CREAM on your hot chocolate? Do you like Ben and Jerry’s? Do you like cookies?”
I died and went to Heaven.
We had a great conversation with her about Utah, Franklin Covey (The Company she works for), and The Gospel. We talked a lot about what we do as missionaries and why we do it and also talked a great deal about Trust.
We shared 2 Corinthians 5:7 “For we walk by faith and not by Sight” and I couldn’t help thinking how much the interaction we were having completely depended on faith. If we hadn’t knocked her door as directed by The Spirit we never would have even met her and if she hadn’t trusted us to allow us in we never would have had such a wonderful conversation.
President Uchtdorf defined faith as trust in womens conference a few weeks ago and this small experience truly demonstrated to  me the power behind that definition.
Faith is Trust
“When we have faith in Jesus Christ we trust Him, we believe Him. We rely upon the direction and guidance He provides through prophets, seers, and revelators. Truly that womens trust in us came from her faith in Jesus Christ. She knew who we are and who we represent and recognized us as servants of God.”
Not only were Sister Evenson and I able to have a wonderful interaction, have our spirits lifted, and be warmed by Hot chocolate, cookies, and Ice Cream, but the woman also gave us a referral named Minnie.
We went to Minnie’s house the next day and one of the first things she said was “So if I was looking for a church and was interested in yours, would I just show up?”
God is a God of Miracles. He lives. He ministers to us through angels. He shows us the way through Prophets. We have had the great blessing of hearing from our Heavenly Father through His chosen servants this past weekend. Do not forget their words! Reflect on them over and over and over again!
They contain power and great promises as well as direction and comfort. Trust their words my dear friends. Trust God. Have faith. Move forward in the glorious work of The Lord and Follow Him!
He loves us. I know He loves me. He sent Sister Evenson and I an angel with Ice Cream on that cold Friday night and he will send blessings to you! I know it. I love you all so much ❤
Be safe this week and I challenge you to Trust The Lord! Follow the propmtings he gives you, pray, read your scriptures, Come unto Christ.
The Gospel is true. It is His. I am His.
I love you all.
-Sister Johnson
We found a chrysalis while tracting!! We took it home and hung it on a branch and the very next day we had a butterfly! We actually found two chrysalises and we named them “The Elders” but one never hatched. It was still super cool though! We let him fly away to live a happy monarch butterfly life!!
I got pretty sick with an Ear infection last week and the ward brought us food, Bishop brought us Wendy’s, and the elders brought us cookies and candy….do people want us to be fat? img_8885Also Janice found out I’m a total nerd and love timelines. She said “Wait one minute” and went inside her magical pretty much bookstore and brought our this HUGE book. Inside was a timeline that stretched out almost 20 feet that started with Adam and Eve and went all the way to computers!!! I too pictures of every page for reference. img_8889img_8895img_8896

Our adventures in Strasburg….we went to an adorable little bakery for lunch a few days ago and they had cinnamon rolls that looked ALMOST as good as my Grammie’s. Unfortunately I did not eat them, but the rest of the food was good! if you’re ever in Strasburg hit up Tippy’s bakery!

It rained for a solid week.
We found Reeses Peanut Cups with Reeses Pieces in them!!! We couldn’t pass up that delicious opportunity.img_8908img_8909img_8911img_8915img_8923

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