Making Friends

This is our investigator “Phoebe!” I’m not sure if it was appropriate as a missionary..but we went and played games with her last week on Preperation day and I taught her and Sister Evenson how to play BS. She said, “Are you asking me to lie???” And I said with the straightest face I could, “Absolutely” She’s a pretty dang good liar.

img_9111This is our Investigator Ashylnn’s cat! He weighs over 25 pounds!!! He’s as big as the baby! The baby by the way is the chunkiest and hairiest 6 month old I’ve ever seen. He’s had 3 haircuts!!! img_9136

And it was Sister Evenson’s birthday! We made her a beautiful cake and then she blew out the candles! Then we removed the candles, covered up one little hole, and put 20 candles in for Elder Clarks birthday tomorrow 😂 That’s what I call cake recycling. Plus the Wrights gave us enough cake so Sister Evenson (and me) could have it for breakfast every morning this week. How how I love our Bishop and his family. They are true examples of JOY. You can’t be around them or in their home and not feel joy! They exemplify Christ centered family. img_9166img_9165

Just so ya’ll know I was in the Emergency room. Again.

I started having a lot of chest pain in the afternoon and it made it really hard to breathe, but I’ve had that before so I kinda just waited it out and didn’t think twice about it. Then it didn’t go away for like two hours. I was just gonna take some motrin and deal with it, but a member took us to dinner who had heart problems and she was NOT gonna let me finish my Chinese food.
She called her husband and he asked me some questions and said I should go into the emergency room. The Elders showed up, then Bishop showed up, then The Elders gave me a blessing in the vending machine room. The Doctor ordered an EKG, a blood test to check for blood clots, and then a chest X-ray. All normal. After the blessing the pain in my chest started to lift and I was all good! So Sister Coulis (The member who took Sister Evenson and I) had just come from the Fun Fest For Christ so we just talked about The Gospel, The Book of Mormon, and Catholicism the whole time. Turns our my nurse (Rachel) knew Mormons and had friends go on missions! She was nice.
Anyway’s I’m fine now! all good and ready to go!

We had District Meeting in Front Royal this week and while we were waiting for lunch to arrive we went and played in the leaves!! Here are our flying zone leaders, my leaf shocked companion, and my silly face.

The Front Royal Elders just had a baptism too! His name is George and he ate lunch with us! It’s so cool to watch the progression of people in other areas through the missionaries 🙂

Every year in the area the community does something called The Fun Fest For Christ. A variety of different churches and organizations get together and have a little fair! They had food, games, information, and trick-or-treating! The two best represented churches were our and The Catholic Church and on our booth we had a question,

If you could ask Christ one question, what would it be? 
People had all sorts of questions! Some were deep and made people cry like “Why did you take my Husband?” “Why me” or “Why does God allow Evil into the World?” Some were super funny/confusing like “Can God turn a person into a pumpkin?” and “Is my brother moving to Argentina?” My favorite one of all though was asked by a little girl who the first time she visited us didn’t know what she would ask. She came back about 45 minutes alter and said, “I would ask God to save all the people in Purgatory.”
It was cool…almost every question could be answered by The Gospel of Jesus Christ as contained in the scriptures. Or it could be found through prayer! It is so important that we reach out to people and extend The Gospel to them. We all have questions! Life is about finding the answers.img_9153img_9152img_9144img_9141img_9138img_9137

So this guy’s name is Steve Clifford. He’s a deacon in the local Catholic church and he used to be Mormon. In fact he still subscribes to the Ensign!

I went over to the Catholic booth and asked some real questions I have about the Catholic church and the topic of conversation came to where I was from and what Church I represent! The people I was talking to told me Steve used to be a member and was born in raised in UT!
I started talking to his wife and she specified and said he was born in Logan and raised in Brigham City!!! So obviously I started talking to her about Maddox and Peach City. (Which She loves) Then she took me over to meet Steve and we started talking and I said, “Do you know the Forsgren’s?” He said, “Sid?” And my jaw just dropped. I said, “that’s my Grandpa!!!” Apparently they know each other very well and rode motorcycles together.
At the end of the carnival his wife came over and gave me the kind of hug only Grandma’s give and he shook my hand and we took this picture. He talked to us (all the people in our booth) almost the entire time and visited our booth at least 30 times. I made some real friends that day and you know when it comes down to it I think that’s what missionary work is all about. Finding people and fiding the things that make you the same, the things that make you family. Then you develop a strong relationship with them founded upon their learning about The Gospel and your love for them.
I have made more friends than I ever thought I would. I am so grateful for my mission and the opportunity I have to experience God’s love for each of my Brothers and Sisters. ❤

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