The Miracle Week

This week knocked my no-show socks off. I don’t even know where to start. Let’s just start with Monday πŸ˜›


Monday we had a super relaxed preparation day to recover from our adventures last week on Preparation day. That night we had service planned, but the organization didn’t need us when we walked in so we walked back out and went to teach a wonderful less-active woman!


Tuesday was an awesome District Meeting in which Sister Evenson instructed on asking Inspired questions and then we put what we learned into action as we tracted through Edinburg. We found some great potentials, and even a former investigator! We also picked up a potential who gave me a copy of her church cookbook. Yeah I’m super excited for that.
Then we had a great lesson with our Investigator Zoe! She’s catholic and wants to know a lot about how Catholics and Mormons differ and relate. We shared the First Vision and it was so powerful…It’s always powerful when you share it. She almost started crying…I could see in her eyes how much she wants it all to be true. She wants the promises God has given us to be real. I’m excited for our appointment this week.
Then we taught our Investigator “Phoebe” with Sister Jensen! I love Phoebe more than my heart can contain. We’ve been meeting with her for almost 6 weeks now and she has become my best friend. We shared some of Joseph Smiths experience in Liberty Jail and talked to her about how God will always help us through our hard times. We had a great discussion and I asked her, “Phoebe, who are we?” She then proceeded to tell us we may as well have wings and halo’s. Not where I was going, but she understands very well that we are Representatives of Jesus Chris and we bring His love to her.
Wednesday our plans changed maybe 10 times the day even started. We were going to have a lesson with our Investigator Britnie, but she canceled last minute. Fortunately we hadn’t had lunch and our member friend who was going to take us to Britnie made us food instead! We had an appointment scheduled after that with Ashlynn, but that also fell through.
{Sometimes we get stuck too far away from home to go back for lunch or dinner. So when no one feeds us we bring snacks and take a nap in the car for our little break! Unfortunately for Sister Evenson, she fell asleep before I did πŸ˜‰ }
So we went and taught five different amazing less-active ladies! All were home and all were wonderful!! Many can’t come to church because of physical limitations, but love to have the Sisters over to share messages about The Gospel. I love those women. We also found a potential investigator from knocking on the door across from one of those ladies!!
To end the night we had a lesson with Leah and her family. They can’t come to church. but Leah’s brother (and Leah) both want to be baptizxed and their amazing mom wants to come to church more than she used to! I love that family. They try so hard to do the right thing and I can see how much The Lord is blessing them
Crap, I’m out of time. See! This is what happens when I write you all what happens during the week πŸ˜› I run out of time because there is so much to say. There is so much work being done in this beautiful and wonderful place and it’s not being done by Sister Evenson and I. God is in charge of this work. He leads us to those who are prepared. We found three new investigators this week and all of them came from God.
We had amazing lessons. We met amazing people. The ward is phenomenal. We are so busy we have to set appointments a week in advance! I love it. I love it here. I love what I am privileged and blessed to do. This is a marvelous and wonderful work! And we are all a part of it! Be missionaries my friends!! Share the beauty and Joy of the Gospel! Share it because it makes you happy! Share love and peace and gratitude with everyone you meet.
You are the means by which God will bring about the salvation of many.
I love you with all my heart.
Love, Sister Johnson
P.S I look like a total goober in these pictures and yes I’m gaining weight in Woodstock. Don’t Judge.

This is the sheep’s face! And also her butt! She was incredibly fluffy. Sister Evenson and I are becoming very efficient sheep shearers though. Ysabelle was sheared within an hour and nice and clean!

Watch out for Deacons with shears.
Sister Gagnon is going to make me a scarf out of the wool we sheared of Ysabelle! She’s my scarf sheep!!!

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