Calling Down the Powers of Heaven

This week in Zone Training I realized how truly powerful prayer can be. I also realized just how much I was under utilizing it. So I decided to make every prayer a time where I call down the powers of Heaven.


That was on Tuesday at 1:30, at 3:30 we had exchanges and the lovely sister Thayne came to Woodstock and Sister Evenson went to Winchester with Sister Feinga! I love Sister Thayne. Not only is she an incredible teacher, but she’s the best example of someone who truly loves the people she teaches.
Well after dinner we had an appointment with a new investigator Paige, but I got really sick after we ate. I was in a lot of pain and frustrated with myself for that pain. We canceled the appointment (which worked out since the member we had planned got busy and canceled) and went over to the Wrights to drop something off before heading home early.
I felt strongly that I really needed a blessing. Not only to tame the pain a bit, but to help me cope with the frustration of my body working against me. I asked Bishop and he and Brother Jensen came over with Sister Wright. I went to bed that night feeling a great deal of peace knowing that Heavenly Father is watching out for me. I knew He would provide a way for His work to be accomplished. I also knew that He was preforming a great work in me and needs me to be more converted to My Savior.
We woke up that morning and I was determined to seek The Lord’s will that day. I was determined to do things His way and according to His plan. Sister Thayne and I had an amazing lesson with Phoebe about baptism and the Godhead. Then we had a fantastic Spirit filled lesson with Ashlynn on The Plan of Salvation.
Both are progressing beautifully. They read the Book of Mormon and pray daily now. Ashlynn was an atheist and is almost to 2 Nephi and has finished The Children’s Book Of Mormon! She blows me away every time we have contact with her. Then Sister Thayne and I went to see sister Athey and again, The Spirit guided us the whole way through.
Later that night Sister Evenson and I watched The Restoration movie with Kaci, Ava, and Keira. Everytime I watch that movie I feel The Spirit so strong!! The girls did too and all three want to be baptized!

Exchanges with Sister Thayne are always fun. This time we were fooled by an un-open, yet very lovely smelling, donut trailer. Fortunately we found a tiny plastic donut while tracting out some neighborhoods.

There was an accident on I-81 that stalled traffic on the interstate and Route 11 ALL DAY. It took us two and a half hours to make a 25 minute drive home! So we planned, ate candy, ate chex mix, ate pumpkin seeds, ate anything else we could find, took pictures, sang, and argued about whether or not I should get out of  the car and pass out Books of Mormon. It was a good night.
I can’t even remember what we did the rest of the week….I’m looking at my planner and wondering when we met a lady named Darlene….I can’t remember.
But I do remember one amazing miracle I want to share before I log off! Sunday night I was in a lot of pain. Again. We drove around contacting people for over an hour and no one was home, awake, or willing to answer their door. With about 20 minutes to 9 we were pretty bummed out and the tears were free flowing. Being ignored is stressful. We had one last person on our list. A potential named Ebony. She only has answered her door once and the likelihood of her answering it at 9:40 was not good.
But God is good. She not only answered the door, but invited us in. We taught the most spiritual, simple, and powerful Restoration we have ever taught together and Ebony wants to learn more.
I know God tests us. He pushes us to the point where we don’t want to keep going and then IF we keep pushing He show’s us miracles. He teaches us the truths of eternity. He grants us eternal life.
Enduring to the End is the last Principle in The Gospel of Jesus Christ and is absolutely critical to our salvation. My dear sweet friends and family….NEVER give up. God will always come through. I promise.
I love you all. The Gospel is true. God lives. Jesus Christ rose on the third day. This is the church of the resurrected Christ.
Love, Sister Johnson
P.S. The ward trunk-or-treat was a total hit! Ashlynn, sky, Kaci, and Keira were all there and loved it!!! Woodstock ward is the bomb diggity.

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