Love Is My Fuel

This week was hard. It was a great week!! But incredibly busy. We have a lot of wonderful investigators and trying to teach them all at least twice a week with a member each time is stressful! Plus trying to get to all the less-actives we had planned and finding new investigators!


We ran around like chickens with our heads cut off most the week. Monday was Halloween and so fun! We carved pumpkins with Hannah! Mine is the one with a Sunshine. Hannah’s is the one with a heart in a sheep and Sister Evenson went classic.
Tuesday we taught Phoebe about The Law of Chastity and reviewed the baptismal interview questions! She’s all finished with every lesson!! Then we taught Kaci with Sister Lyday and Ava and Keira were so cute! Ava is 9 and does her reading every night and Keira is her cousin. she’s 10. I love those girls.
Wednesday we tried to watch the restoration movie with Ashylnn and Sky, but we couldn’t get the USB to work with the TV! We ended up watching Meet the Mormons instead. Then went and watched The Restoration with The Hallmans! Also on Tuesday Sister Wordsworth gave us giant chocolate bars!!
Thursday we met phoebe again with Bishop and had a great lesson talking about the Priesthood. We finally made it clear her baptism isn’t complete and needs to be done by Priesthood authority!! She accepted it so well and has such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ! Sister Lyday took us to dinner that night at a Mexican restaurant and Sister Evenson got the biggest burrito I’ve ever seen…Then she ate it ALL. She can eat as much as me!!!
Friday we taught Ashlynn about The Gospel of Jesus Christ and answered some questions about some anti she found. We were all laughing about some of the things this site had! Ashlynn is so amazing. She’s almost to 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon and prays every night. She just got married too!! We taught Kaci and the girls again that night and they LOVED The plan of Salvation. “Bob” was our character we used to walk through it and they had a lot of fun playing with all the different pieces of our diagram!
Saturday we went to the temple with Phoebe. We had some…complications getting there, but finally made it. When we got home I was flat out exhausted. I caught a virus this week and haven’t been doing so hot. We decided to stay in and I watched The Life of Christ videos. For those of you who haven’t seen them, they’re under bible videos on
After watching them I got on my knees…and was there for awhile. We all hit a wall at some point where our own strength just can’t carry us and I had hit mine. When I finally stood back up I wrote down my thought in my journal and passed out. I woke up the next morning after over 10 hours of sleep and didn’t feel as rested as I had hoped I would.
As I began my fast I prayed to receive strength from My Savior. Then I listened in Fast and Testimony meeting as all of these wonderful and beautiful people bore their testimonies. I thought of Phoebe sitting behind me, the investigator and her two adorable children who were baptized a few weeks ago with the elders sitting in front of me, and the wonderful woman who I haven’t seen at church for so long sitting next to me.
My heart was just filled with love. So much that when I got up to bear my testimony almost all I said was how much I love those people, The Gospel, and my Savior. As I sat back down I was shaking, but I felt stronger than ever. It is the Pure Love of Jesus Christ that gives me strength. Without that…I wouldn’t be here.
None of us can do anything worth anything without The Love of God. It is the life force of all things good. It is what drives every missionary to work with all their “heart, might, mind, and strength.” It’s the fuel that keeps me going.
I love God’s mission. I love His work. I love His children he has blessed me to know. I love all of you. i love my family and my friends. I love my Savior and I love what He did so that I can be with my family forever. The Gospel is true and I will never run out of strength to declare it. Because God is my strength and “with God nothing shall be impossible.”
All my love, Sister Johnson

We were super afraid of this dog…NOT

Our whole world looks like this right now. I’ve never seen a fall this beautiful in my life. Some off the trees look like they’re on fire!!
This is a picture which captures pure joy. The picture not shown is the one which captures utter desolation when you’re told you can’t eat sugar for at least 3 weeks. The candy bar will wait for me…

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