Happy Thanksgiving!

We found The Wrights in Walmart and totally goofed off in Christmas land. I made and army of sock monkeys astride sparkly reindeer. img_9274img_9275img_9276img_9277img_9278

We went to the Visitors center with Ashlynn and Sister Scibelli! Ashlynn is amazing. She’s gone from Atheist a few weeks ago to wanting to be baptized in December. She reminds me so much of Jacky!

After the temple we went to a yummy cafe and Sister Evenson could have married her sandwich.
A cat named Onyx. A ferret whose name I forgot. A sugar baby named Abby. A papion named Babbet. (A papion is a little dog kinda like a chihuahua) And a bird who can’t fly against the wind to save his poor life.
Phoebe was baptized this week!!!!!!!!!!! We’re so proud of her.
Thanksgiving Dinner with the Weavers! We had a Thanksgiving Treasure hunt with scripture clues! The treasure was fudge and pumpkin pie!!!! It was so delicious!!

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