Thankful for Strep Throat

img_5964I think I’m finally figuring out that in order for God to teach me something He has to put me out of commission. Otherwise i’ll never slow down enough to listen!

When we planned for this week it was going to be fantastic. A great week chalk full of teaching appointments and great finding opportunities. We were stoked at the beginning of the week!
Then We drove to District meeting. It was in lurray and you have to drive through George Washington Naational Forest to get to it. A 45 minute drive that if your cookies aren’t wrapped you’re going to lose them. Needless to say me and Elder Gorman did not toss our cookies, but we came quite close.
That night I wasn’t doing well at all. We went in early and the next morning Sister Evenson woke up and said “How are you feeling?” And all f the sudden my voice didn’t work! She said “Good enough for me, go back to bed.”
I have a good companion who sometimes I wonder if she is secretly my mother…
Called a doctor, I had strep and neither of us could go anywhere. During my time in Quarantine I studied my scriptures. A lot. And I prayed. A lot. I finally gained an understanding that we become enabled by the atonement when we realize that our trials are opportunities to become like our Savior.
I have 30 seconds left. Shoot. I love you all so so so much. I’m so grateful to be serving my mission here….it’s the greatest blessing and a wonderful opportunity to become like my Savior.
Love, Sister Johnson
The great Woodstock Ward turkey Bowl!!! I had been looking forward to that morning for about two weeks. I love playing football and this was a golden opportunity!!! Unfortunately…I got Strep throat this week. So I wasn’t allowed o play and we could only stay and watch for about a half an hour…it was still awesome. img_9352img_9356img_9358

In District Meeting we said goodbye to Elder Gorman and Elder Mason!

Then Sister Evenson and I camped out at home. She finally beat me in chess after many wonderful games! Unfortunately she got so frustrated with my “cheating” in checkers she just threw the pieces at me! And Sister Wright brought us church movies so we basically chilled TuesdayWednesday, and Thursday while we tried to make me better!


So there was an ACTUAL LIVE turkey at our thanksgiving dinner…he trapped us in our car and Brother Walliser hadd to rescue us.

I had another Doctors appt. in Baltimore and we may have stumbled upon a homicide….not kidding.
And we set up Phoebe’s nativity for her!!!


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