20 days until Christmas!

Christmas exploded in our faces this week. We decorated 5 trees! Not including the 4 in our house! We set up two gorgeous nativities, climbed into one musty crawl space, made several pounds of delicious cinnamon candy and lite the world with the message of our Saviors Birth!!!

And I pretended to be Santa Claus.img_9417img_9431img_9440img_9426img_9410img_9444Oh my gosh this week was incredible! The biggest miracle of my mission so far happened this week! Bishop texted us and said he had a friend who wanted a tour of the church. So we met him a few days ago after teaching Ashlyn and when she walked in the church we recognized her!

Her name is Virginia. She works at Walmart and about 3 months ago sister Evenson and I gave her a pass along card when we did our grocery shopping! When Bishop explained who he was and invited her to the church and to meet with the missionaries she felt like God was giving her another nudge in this direction.
We taught her the Restoration that day and The Spirit completely led the lesson. She committed to be baptized, read The Book of Mormon, and pray about Joseph Smith.
A few days later we taught The Plan of Salvation and I felt like we were teaching a lifelong member. She knew it front and back. she read into 1 nephi 2 and is praying. She committed to be baptized on the 31st of this month.
Sunday she watched the Christmas devotional and asked us what were some good scriptures she should read.
You know how the field is white and ready to harvest? Well I am sitting in the middle of this white field and there are people everywhere who are ready to receive The Gospel. I love it. Virginia is amazing. So is Ashlynn. And cassie. And Stephanie. And Ashley. And Kaci. And Keira. And Ava. And Donna. And Cheryl. And Sky…..and so many others here in Woodstock.
The same is with you and where you live. The whole world is white and ready to harvest and every member is a missionary! i love my savior and I love what He has commissioned me to do. I love you all,
Love, Sister Johnson

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