Christmas was a blast! we got to spend it with so many wonderful families. The Eldridges, Sister Clark, Ashlyn, The Hamps, and The Lydays. We ran out of miles a week early this month so we walked lots of the food we ate OFF, but Sister Lyday was amazing and gave us rides all day everywhere we need to go!

Then she even let us skype at her house!
Christmas Eve night we spent with The Wrights and we built a fort in our room! Then we put our Christmas tree IN the fort! We liked it so much we just haven’t taken it down


We saw Santa while walking one night! There were people following him caroling and everyone was bnringing their kids out of their houses. It was amazing because then we joined the parade and passed out Light The World cards right after people got hit with the Christmas Spirit! it could’ve been a church movie it was so cool.

Phobe’s cat likes to pray with us when we hold hands and pray.img_9476img_9480img_9484
We had Christmas  Conference on Friday and I said goodbye to the most amazing missionary ever. Sister Feinga goes home this week 😦 But it was good to see her. We played minute-to-win-it as a mission and she went up when I went up! Fortunately I won 😉 It was a lot of fun though, it was good to mess around with everyone and have a good time 🙂img_9494img_9496img_9501

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