Hurrah! Hurrah! hurrah for Israel!

This week was fantastic!!! Cassie was baptized!!!!! She has become such a close friend to me i the past few months. i love her so much! she is strong, determined, capable, and so full of love it just breaks your heart. img_6729img_6735img_9589img_9591img_9596

The baptism was beautiful! She had a lot of family there that was oh so supportive and now we’re teaching her mom! Cassie will be the means by which the Lord does so much good in this world. i know it. Her decision has already impacted the lives of those around her both physically and across the veil. the first thing she did after being confirmed was get a temple recommend and we will be on our way in the next few weeks!
I have been so incredibly blessed to be part of her conversion. watching the process has given me a testimony that faith is a principle of power. When we act in faith miracles happen. Cassie is a living testimony of that.
I just seem to be learning so much from people this week! Sister Sedillo and I went out contacting and picked up a new investigator named Julie on her porch! While I was just kinda going through the motions of setting expectations, teaching the restoration, making sure we say prayers etc. Sister Sedillo starts teaching this 16 year old girl about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
Next thing we know Julie starts telling us about how two of her friends have recently passed away tragically. If Sister Sedillo had not loved that girl enough to listen to the spirit God would not have been able to use us as His instruments to tell Julie He loved her. I am so grateful for a companion who listens to The Spirit.
Speaking of – Sister Sedillo. Love her. She gets out of the car in Disease control zones to back me up, is an expert at fitting 20 grapes in her mouth, takes great pictures, and puts up with my crazy self. She’s practically a Saint.
The Spirit has played a huge role in our lessons the past week! We taught Lynn about The Gospel of Jesus Christ and Sister Wright shared some very personal expieriences she has had with the holy Ghost which helped Lynn to open up and tell us so much more about her past and relationship with God. it was on of the most powerful moments on my mission and really set the stage for the lesson right after that!
We taught Ashlyn about faith using the story of The Brother of Jared in the Book of Mormon. It was amazing to see how ingrained the scriptures and the teachings of our Savior have influenced Ashlyn. She’s in Enos and started reading the Book of Mormon only a couple months ago! She is so excited to be baptized on February 4th and said, “I know I need to be baptized. I can feel it.” that’s The Spirit my friends.
We also had the great opportunity to learn from The Spirit in zone confernece and zone training! From Zone Conference I really learned that recognizing who we are and who God is and then acting upon that knowledge gives us power to accomplish miracles beyond our own understanding. We also talked a lot about the importance of members in missionary work! i am so blessed to be in the best ward in the stake for member present lessons. We seriously have members going out with us almost everyday! And this is a tiny ward! It totally helps that we have an army of spiritually pumped ward missionaries.
I challenge all of you to go out with your missionaries! have them over for dinner, give them a referral, do something with them! The missionary and the member are blessed in such circumstances! Without members missionary work lasts as long as the missionary. As soon as a missionary leaves if their converts do not have support they will fall away. please go help your missionaries and pray for the people they teach! We need you!
In zone training I learned so much that in order to help our investigators progress I really need to look at myself and see that i am an investigator too! if i want my investigators to know joseph Smith is a prophet by praying, i need to pray to know if he is a prophet! Even if I already know. We need to love and nurture those within our stewardship and realize that we can learn from them just as much if not more than they learn from us! The people I have taught on my mission have changed my life in hundreds of ways. “I cannot say the smallest part of what I feel” (Alma 26:16) for them and their testimonies. And I know if I feel that way about them, God has to feel something like that for me. It was a great and inspired zone training and I can’t wait for District Meeting next week.
Seriously being a missionary is one of the greatest things I have ever done. it is definitely the most life changing thing I have ever done. I am so grateful that god has let me serve as His missionary on His errand. I can ask for no greater blessing. I love you all so much. My love for you grows each and everyday. My heart is so full when I think of each of you. I know you all struggle with something and I hope you know I struggle as well, but let us struggle together. Let us lift up our voices to God for the benefit of each other and strengthen and lift one another. Be Strong. Be Brave. Be Kind. Be Wonderful.
I Love you with all my heart.
Love, Sister Johnson
P.S. I forgot!! We went with Sister Funk to dinner and boy did miracles happen! First a less-active and her kid walked in. Then a Former investigator we had’nt been able to find walked in! Total miracle night! All because of good ole subway.image

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