New Companion!

Hey Everybody! This is Sister Sedillo! She is from Gilbert Arizona and she’s amazing! We’ve been rocking the socks off Woodstock since Wednesday!

Most notable news is that Cassie is getting baptized this Saturday and Ashlyn is on-date for feburary 4th! We also found a new lady- Laverne. She met with the missionaries about 10 years ago and was ready to be baptized, but because her family wasn’t supportive she backed out. She ran into missionaries again a few weeks ago and they pointed her in our direction! She has such an amazing story of repentance. It amazes me how people can change.
Watching Cassie and Ashlyn over the past few months…they blow me away. Repentance is real. I’ve seen it in myself and in the loves of others. i know we can be forgiven for our sins and our shortcomings. Sorry this week is so short! I love you all and will fill you in more next week!
Love, Sister Johnson

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