Passive Aggressive Door Slams

Hello Hello!! This week was spectacular! The best way to illustrate how wonderful it was is to just go through it day by day.


Monday we watched The Restoration movie with Cassie and her mom Stephanie. I love watching that movie with anyone! The Spirit is so strong and it strengthens my testimony every time that Joseph Smith truly is a prophet! He was called of God to translate the Book of Mormon and establish The Savior’s church on the earth once again!
The great thing about that night though was when we asked Stephanie what her thoughts were about The Restoration and all she really had time to say was, “It makes sense.” More on her Thursday.
Tuesday was district Meeting in Front Royal and President Christiansen instructed! We had interviews right after so he just taught our district meeting! it was such a privilege to have him there! I love spending time with President and learning from him about how we can not only become better missionaries, but become better people.
We learned how reading, praying, and coming to church is like building a fortress (aka a testimony) and the more you do the stronger you get! It was so fun to be with all the trainees and their trainers. Sister Sedillo has grown so much in just 3 weeks!

We found this wonderful place called Spleunkers. It’s kinda like a diner/custard place. If any of you are headed to West Virginia anytime soon we highly recommend the lettuce burger and strawberry ice with vanilla custard. And Whipped cream. Sister Sedillo said it was good and I can testify of the truthfulness of that burger 😉 img_9642

After District meeting we had a great lesson with Ashlyn. Sister Felde brought her daughter Lilly with her and Ashlyn daughter sky and Lilly totally clicked! which is great because now Sky has a friend in church!
Then, on Tuesday night the best thing ever happened. Sister Sedillo and I went on splits so she went with Sister Funk and I went with Sister Molina. Well, Sister Molina and I went to an appointment we had with two potential investigators, Kory and Sarah, and it was one of the best lessons on my mission.
They were glued to what we were saying. They’re newlyweds in the mid-twenties and both are from a strong christian background. They had several misconceptions about the Book of Mormon and as we cleared up those misunderstandings and taught them what it really was and why it’s important you could just see a light go on in their heads. Kory was full of questions. *Tricky bible questions which made me so grateful for the promise of The Holy Ghost that He will bring all things to our remembrance.
As I taught them with Sister Molina though a very powerful thing happened which I have only experienced a few times on my mission. The spirit spoke through me in such a way that I was learning from the words coming out of my mouth. I know with a surety born of God that if you read the Book of Mormon and ask God with a sincere heart and real intent He will answer you that it is true. I know that! ” O that I were an angel, and could have the wish of mine heart, that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God, with a voice to shake the earth, and cry repentance unto every people!” (Alma 29:1)
I know God’s promises are true.
On Wednesday our world got shaken up a bit in the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast! They changed our schedule to give us more time to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!! I have been asleep before 10 every night since then! It’s absolutely wonderful.
Thursday we went back to Cassie and Stephanie’s and OH MY GOODNESS. We asked Stephanie if she had prayed about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and she said, “Yeah, I did. It’s true.” She just said over and over again “It’s true.” We invited her to be baptized and she said she had already been thinking about it since Cassie’s baptism and she wants it. She’s been praying about her baptismal date since then and we’re following up tonight!!! Miracles in Woodstock!!!!
Friday we had Ashlyn’s baptismal interview and a great lesson on The Holy Ghost. She got really emotional when we talked about going to the temple where she can do baptisms for her grandmother. As she cried and said how happy she was to be able to do that I had the strongest impression that there are missionary forces outside the veil guiding their children and their children’s children to The gospel. They help them accept it and help them committ to live it. Then those people who we have been guided to can complete the work for their ancestors so those on the other side of the veil can filly accept The Gosepl.
I have especially seen that with children on my mission. We’re teaching Lynn and her daughter Hayden is absolutely wonderful. She reminds me so much of Emma, but Hayden is really the one who led us to Lynn and I think the one leading Lynn even closer to The Lord. It is the most beautiful and wonderful thing to be a part of.

We did some role plays and in one of them she boldly and lovingly testified of the importance of having a desire to learn about the Gospel. I  just looked at her and thought in my head, “This sister is already trained!”

Nevertheless I still make her practice teaching our little stuffed monkey. His name is George. Today she taught him the Plan of Salvation! It was awesome!!


I don’t really remember Saturday…..#scatterbrained
BUT SUNDAY THOUGH. First of all we had a great lesson with Phobe about repentance and recovery. I love her so much…she got a dog that kinda looks like my Grammie’s old dog Tabbie….. Like I think Tabbie is living vicarioulsy through this dog. it super freaks me out.
Anyway onto the important part of Sunday. We had about 20 minutes before dinner so we went street contacting in this cute neighborhood behind our townhouse we had never seen before. We renamed it catholic street because every person who answered the door was Catholic! And past the age of 90.
Until we feel so inspired to knock on one door and a young girl, maybe 25, answers the door. Needless to say she’s catholic, but is super interested in our message!!!!! We’re going back on Thursday! And the best part is that she’s married and nice!!!!! It was such a tender mercy because then we were able to laugh our way through the strangest door slam on my mission……
This old lady (she had to be 95) answered the door and was super happy to see us! I felt like I knocked on my great-grandma’s door! then we say we’re the missionaries and she jsut says “Oh, I’m Catholic. Thank you girls!” And then very very very slowly begins to close the door…still smiling. It was super awkward….but then it started snowing and now we have 2 inches!!!!!
So…basically I love my life. I love you. I love The Gospel. Things aren’t perfect. Sometimes old ladies don’t like you, but that does not change the fact that The Gospel is true. God is our loving Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ is our Savior. We have the power to do all things with God at our side.
Be Brave my friends. Be Happy. Be Wonderful. It will all work out.
Love, Sister Johnson

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