Pedal to the Medal

Wow has this week been nuts.

Ashlyn got baptized!
We went to the temple with Oakli and Sister Wright!
Oh and Sister Sedillo and I ate in a super classy/ old/ expensive restaurant. #coolbathroomsimg_9689
I held a baby guinea pig named Chicken Nugget!!!!

Wow. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the blessings that have poured out from the windows of heaven this week. Truly there is not enough room to receive them. (Malachi 3:10)

Blessing #1 Stephanie (Cassie’s mom) has committed to be baptized on February 18th. The faith that seems to be genetic in that family is absolutely incredible. Stephanie is a perfect example of praying with a sincere heart and real intent, then having the faith to receive a witness from The Holy Ghost that The Gospel is true.
Blessing #2 Lynn came to church. Now let me tell you a little bit about Lynn. Her daughter Hayden has Cystic Fibrosis, Celiacs disease, a liver disease, and she’s almost three years old. We have been meeting with Lynn for maybe a month or so and it has been one of the sweetest experiences on my mission because of the unconditional and Christ-like love she has for Hayden.
I am blown away by her determination, hope, and positivism. Yet we never really felt the need to commit her to come to church because of her circumstances. The invitation was always there! But it was understood that her situation is different. So we’re sitting in sacrament and I look over to the Wrights and Lynn is sitting right next to Sister Wright. About 10 minutes before Sister Wright told us she was coming. She was able to feel peace from The Holy Ghost and she knew she needed to be there.
Blessing #3 Ashlyn was baptized. The font was cold and the hymns were a little funky, but it was a great night. Her 10 month old, Cole, kept hugging her after she was baptized. I couldn’t help but feel a great sense of peace during her confirmation that not only are there people on this earth who are happy for her, but heaven is rejoicing at her decision to follow her Savior and be baptized by Priesthood Authority.
Blessing #4 Sky(Ashlyn’s daughter) is being baptized this Friday. After Ashlyn’s baptism and confirmation Bishop pulled them both into his office. He came out and said “Sky is getting baptized on Friday. She needs to have two lessons and her interview before then.” Now we had been partially teaching sky before and planned on fully teaching her now, but were not expecting this to happen so soon! But it’s what she wants and you don’t tell 10 year old girls no when they want to follow Jesus Christ.
So we have a lot of work to do this week! We have been flying at 110% trying to keep up with the Hastening of the Work. The Feild is white and ready to harvest. God is sending legions of angels to accomplish His will NOW and I know it! The Woodstock ward is blazing and the greatest blessing of all is I get to watch and learn from it.
I know The Gospel is true. These are the last days before the second coming of the Messiah and these are His times! We are His servants! This is His work! And I love it.
I love you all.
Love, Sister Johnson

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