Changed for the Better

My Dear Friends,

Last night we received transfer calls and after six months in the Woodstock ward it’s time for me to go. I’ll be headed to Columbia to follow-up train Sister Sedillo’s MTC companion and I am so excited! I have been feeling ready to leave for the past few weeks or so, and it was no surprise to hear that I’m being transferred.
But as I’ve been thinking about my time in Woodstock I’ve realized how much God really is at the helm of this great and wonderful work. All I’ve done the past six months is love the people I’m with and try to serve them the best I can! There is no “I do this much and God does the rest” He does it all!
He is the one who changes the hearts of the people I love so much.
He is the one who sends His Spirit to testify to them of truth.
He is the one who brings us to their door.
He is the one who softens their hearts and gives them the power to overcome their addictions.
He is the one who not only changes them, but changes me as well
He is the one who knows their concerns and answers them through the Doctrines of The Gospel.
All I am is a mouthpiece and a servant of The Lord Jesus Christ! Through me He shows His love to His children and I get to feel that. And there is nothing better! Victor Hugo said,
  “To love another person is to see the face of God.” 
I testify that this is true and I know it’s true because I have loved the people here. Cassie. Stephanie. Lynn. Ashlynn. Phoebe. Sky. Hayden. Ruth. Amber. Jason. Kodi. Todd. Brenda. Hailey. Richard. And so many more. They have blessed my life, and through them God has changed my life.
I have been changed for good! Experiencing baptisms, restoration lesson, testimony meetings, temple trips, dinners, meltdowns, and heartaches have taught me more about the love of Our Savior Jesus Christ.
No pain is too big, no trial too large for Our Savior. His Atonement is infinite in both power and divinity. Through Him anything is possible! This week we met a woman who’s daughter was shot by her boyfriend. She was on life support and her mother had to make the decision to take her off. She was only 15 years old. The pain that woman experienced and the guilt she feels is so strong I could feel it. But as we began to speak about Our Savior and His Atonement you could watch the faith begin to fill her heart again. As we left she was filled with hope that only comes from The Spirit.
That’s what God does to us. As we open our hearts to Him He changes us and we become “new creatures.” I have truly become a new person by being here in Woodstock. I’m still Samantha Johnson through and through, but I know there is a little more of Christ’s countenance in my eyes and more faith in my heart.
I love you all so much. I am so grateful The Lord called me to serve this mission at this time in my life. I know there will be many important milestones in my life after this, but up until now this is the greatest, most meaningful and valuable work I have ever undertaken.
The Gospel is true. God is Good ❤
Happy Valentines Day!!
Love, Sister Johnson

Other News: Sister Mcbride took Cassie and us to the temple to do baptisms for the dead on Saturday, and Sister Evenson surprised Cassie by meeting us there! It was such a sweet and wonderful day. Both Cassie and I were able to receive much needed answers to prayers while doing work for our ancestors!

The smile on her face made your heart soar. There have been few times in my life where I have seen someone as happy as she was. The temple truly is The Lord’s house. “i LOVE to see the temple.”
And Sky was baptized!!!! It was so fun to come back a week after Ashlyn’s baptism and watch her daughter do the very same thing. She had many friends there and The spirit was strong. I know with all my heart that Heaven is singing because of Sky’s decision to follow Jesus Christ. image1image2img_9726img_9727img_9728

We also went on exchanges this week and I had so much fun in Winchester with Sister Souba!!! My motto in life has become, “I’m hungry.” And the minute I said it she made me go to the nearest grocery store so she could buy me food. Turns out it was an international grocery store! We couldn’t read almost any of the labels!!! We also found quail eggs and she bought me 36 little eggs!!!! Turns out they’re quite delicious because I ate at least 10 in one sitting. Those little suckers go quick!

She really is the most generous person I’ve ever met in my life. One of the main things I learned this week is from her. I learned that in order to gain the Kingdom of Heaven we have to give what we have on the kingdom of earth. Serving and loving and giving our whole souls to The Lord is the only way to achieve Eternal life! We have to love Him enough to not only sacrifice what we have, but consecrate what we have and who we are to The Lord. img_9703img_9702img_9705img_9696img_9709
Duck eggs, Quail eggs, and Chicken eggs for breakfast Lunch and dinner!!! It’s Eggtastic!!!!

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