A Blessed Birthday

Hello hello!! I’ve added some of you to my weekly list, if you would prefer not to get weekly emails just let me know and I’ll take you off! IMG_9782IMG_9779

So this week was wonderful! Not only were we able to find three new and wonderful people to teach, but it snowed on my birthday!!!!!!! I haven’t seen snow that stuck like this in forever! Of course it was all gone by 10 AM, but who cares! It snowed! Thank you as well for all the birthday wishes and letters! I have felt so blessed by you.
On Tuesday we were able to head to activity days and talk to the girls about serving missions. This ward has incredibly primary aged kids and youth! The activity day girls each wrote their testimonies in a Book of Mormon and we were able to pass them out to some incredible people!
This week has been a whirlwind and is showing no signs of slowing down! So I have to go, but I love you all so much. I was sick all day yesterday and had a lot of time to think. My thoughts turned to you. You are the reason I choose to be here everyday. You motivate me to become like My Savior. You fill me with hope that people can change! People do change! Because God is good and has provided the way and that way is Jesus Christ. he loves you. I know it more than I know anything else.
When my testimony weakens or my resolve fails I always fall back on the knowledge that I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father. He loves me and I love Him. This week we encountered a man who didn’t believe in God because “science can’t prove the existence of a higher being.”
It was clear he believed with all his heart what he told us, it was also clear he had no hope. He believed life is to be lived and then you rot in the ground and it’s over. He didn’t believe in a loving Heavenly Father, which is fine. Let him worship how he may or may not! But I knew in my heart God loved Him and was waiting, and will continue to wait, for him to realize that. When he does and when we realize God loves us the blessings just keep coming. Trials and hardship accompany those blessings! But the bad times make the good times all the more sweet and the good times will come, because God loves us.
I love you all. I promise I’ll write more next week! IMG_9769
Love, Sister Johnson

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