Blessed by Beautiful People

Today I’m just going to tell you about some of the beautiful people I was so blessed to be around this week.

Sister Olsen- My Sister training Leader

Sister Olsen and I went on exchanges on Tuesday and she has convinced me no matter how crappy a situation may be there is always a bright side. She reminds me of Pollyanna with her happy smile and long blond hair. As we walked in the rain for a few hours Tuesday night she continued to make me laugh and smile with funny mission stories and a perfect hash tag for the night #wethobos

Tanya- The Vegan Angel

We found Tanya a few weeks ago and went for our Return appointment on Wednesday. She was busily making her green smoothie and immediately offered us some! In a teacup! It would have made my aunt Jenny proud. As we discussed with Tanya the Plan of Salvation the love of God was evident on her face. She knows where she comes from. She knows why she’s here and she knows she is here to return home. Not only that, but she has eight beautiful, polite, and wonderful kids who adore her, and she’s fighting breast cancer. She is a true scriptorian who uses her knowledge of the scriptures to praise and worship God, to find purpose and strength, and support the message of The restored Gospel. When I walked out of her home I felt like I had been in the presence of an angel! She made my whole day brighter.

L- The Miracle

On Wednesday this week i was chatting with Sister Sedillo about the temple trip coming up with Ashlynn and she said, “L is getting baptized. On Friday. At 6.” I nearly busted the roof I jumped so high. Later, Sister Sedillo reminded me of an experience we had in February. We were at zone conference and setting goals as a companion for who could be baptized in March. We didn’t have anyone prepared for baptism in March, but I looked at Sister Sedillo and said, “Lets set a goal for L to be baptized.” She looked at me like I was bat crazy. Not that L couldn’t be baptized! Circumstances were just getting to a point which would prevent us from teaching her. Sister Sedillo seemed uncertain so I looked at her again and said, “Do you have the faith to have L baptized in March?” We set the goal and a week later we had to put teaching L on hold. About a week-ish after that I left for Columbia. Sister Sedillo told me the following; “We weren’t expecting L to come to church, but she showed up one week and I was talking to her in Gospel Principles. She looked at me and said, ‘I want to be taught again and I want to be baptized.” L is a testimony that faith in Jesus Christ anything is possible. There is nothing that cannot be done with faith. My favorite scripture in the New Testament is John 1:27 “For with God nothing shall be impossible” Due to the faith of L, a good bishop, a perfect fellowshipper and friend, and my dear Sister was baptized in March before friends, family, and legions of angels.

Mama Quayson- The African Who Will Never Let You Go Hungry

The last beautiful person I have time to mention is Mama Quayson. She’s from Ghana and invited us over for lunch after church on Sunday! Her faith in The Gospel and in her Savior shines from her HUGE smile! She prepared this super yummy food “just for us” and boy did she make a lot of it. I filled my plate and ate happily until the plate was empty and the platter was empty as well! I was full when she picks up the platter, turns around, and refills it from a pot on the stove. She refilled my plate four times. Each time she pointed at the food, then at me and said in broken English, “Take more” Now. I am not being racist. But when a BIG African Woman tells you in her mama bear voice to take more food you better take more food!!! I rolled out of the apartment, but felt so loved and so blessed. Her delicious food filled my belly and her beautiful smile filled my heart with the pure love of Christ.

I have so many more beautiful people who blessed my life this week I wish I could tell you about. When I come home I feel like I will never have time to tell you all the stories of The Mission. There are so many. Missions are not easy in any way. In fact they are super hard. You have to work every single day with all your heart, might, mind, and strength if you want to be successful. It’s exhausting, but it is the most beautiful opportunity I have ever received. My prayer is that all of us will not pass up our opportunities to receive the blessings The Lord would give us.

He has people for us to bless! Lives to tough! Hearts to change! He has years of laughter, a thousand smiles, and millions of small beautiful moments for us to experience. We don’t have to wait for what looks like an opportunity, because NOW is the day of our salvation! Now is the time to live to the fullest of our potential! This week I have been stuck inside most the time because i got sick. Again. And so now more than ever I desire to “go forth into the world” and declare the Gospel “with the sound of a trump!” So I’m gonna do it. You should too. Because you have a testimony and someone needs to hear it. God is on our side my friends! I love you all so much.

Love, Sister Johnson
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L. was baptized in Woodstock on Friday ❤ To describe it simply, it was a miracle from God due to the faith of many wonderful and beautiful people.
Oh and I ate this beautiful thing. Also a miracle from God, but in a totally different way 😛
Ashlyn also went to the temple on Saturday morning! i had to rush out a little early so i didn’t get a picture with her, but I got this beautiful one of the temple! It pretty well describe the experience. She was able to do the baptism and confirmation for her grandmother and it was amazing. Sister Sedillo came too and together we each saw so many tender mercies from The Lord in the temple that day.

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