Blessed By Columbia

So I’ve had this little theme of “Blessed by…” because I truly felt blessed to be in Columbia and I had a little inkling I wouldn’t be there long. Turns out I was right. I’m getting transferred back to my hometown of Frederick Maryland!!!!!!!!

I’ll be serving in the Frederick 1st ward as a Sister Training Leader side-by-side one of my favorite sisters, Sister Botchway! We’re both going in to the area at the same time and so it will be a double flashback! Flashback to doubling into Woodstock with Sister Evenson and flashback to being in Braddock Heights around the exact same time last year!
Columbia has been so good to me though. The members here have been incredible. Just this week we had a wonderful friend (Sister Tully) take us to our favorite Sushi place and then to Womens Conference! A few days before we had Mama Johnson feed us a Haitian feast! She declared me Haitian because I was able to clean and eat a head-to-tail fish! Except I didn’t eat the eyes. No fish eyes for me. I’m pretty sure they’re not in my diet.
Not only are the members wonderful, but the area is overflowing of people who are prepared to receive The Gospel. We picked up five incredible new investigators this week! Carla, Destiny, Susan, Danielle, and Kenny. Each one was a miracle that would take me 20 minutes (each) to tell in person and a really long time to type. So remind me to tell you about it when I get home.
Then there’s Tanya! The Vegan Angel who is literally an angel sent from Heaven. Of all the people I am going to miss she is the one I will miss the most. She knows The Word of God and she has faith in it. She knows the promises God has given us and relies on them with all her heart. She is truly an inspiration to me and I cannot wait to see her step into the waters of baptism.
Oh there is so much that is good here! Sister MCkee has been such a blessing in my life. This weekend I was in enough pain to qualify for an emergency room trip, but because I knew it really wouldn’t do anything I looked calmly at Sister Mckee and mouthed the words (in a lesson) “We need to go. Now.” That girl can cover for you like you wouldn’t believe. We were home in 15 minutes and she patiently helped me relax and work through the pain with the help of Sister Jensen from Woodstock giving advice via text message.
As I laid on our living room floor I couldn’t stop crying. I hate pain and I was in a lot of it. Sister Mckee stayed in the living room with me until I was relaxed enough to go to bed. Now not only do I hate pain, but I hate having to try and hold a conversation when I am in pain. I also hate being alone. Sister Mckee stayed quietly next to me the whole time. I have drawn so much strength from the love I can feel from her the past 6 weeks.
Columbia has truly taught me the importance of being both patient, and gentle. For those of you who know me you know I’m not a very gentle person. I’m much more of a “Suck it up and stop being a wimp” kind of girl, but I’ve come to recognize that God is a gentle God. He is the kind of person who will sit by us quietly while we cry. He is the kind of person who will respond with affection before irritation.
I have been blessed by people, pets, and plates of deliciousness, but ultimately I have been blessed by The Spirit to know who I need to become to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ. God is good my friends. He is so so so so good. Enjoy conference this weekend! I want to hear what your favorite takeaways are on Monday! I love you all.
Until next week, Sister Johnson
P.S My new address is 908 gatepost ln. apt 1D frederick MD 21701 I love letters! Please write!

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