The Song I Cannot Sing

DSCN7444This week was a total roller coaster. Everything from leaving my GPS in Columbia to hearing a temple in Pocatello announced by president Monson has happened. I got a great new companion, Sister Botchway, who actually is the missionary I replaced when I started my mission in Braddock heights. She is on her very last transfer and we are incredibly excited to both be back in Frederick. We’re in a different ward than Braddock Heights, but the feeling is still the same.
We’ve had a heck of a time trying to find our way around an area we do not know without a GPS! Let’s just say that God knows where His children live and it doesn’t take technology to find them 😉 But technology would be a little easier 😛
Conference was incredible though! My favorite highlight was the emphasis on going all in to The Gospel. We can’t hold anything back if we wish to be true disciples of Jesus Christ. I want to share a little story about someone I met this week who is a true disciple.
So for those of you who don’t know the solution that has been found to my medical problems is a super strict diet. I can eat berries, brown rice, beans, fish, eggs, raw nuts, and vegetables (except potatoes and corn). I have to be dairy free, grain free, and absolutely sugar free. It’s not an easy way to live. Not only that but missionaries are fed by members regularly! To ask them to limit themselves to the things I can eat has been a huge struggle for me. Especially when some members are less than kind about it.
So, to say the least, I was very nervous about coming to Frederick 1st. Before we even got there an email had already been sent around with my dietary restrictions and our phone was buzzing with people asking questions. One member in particular calmed every fear I had been hanging onto. She texted and wanted us to come over as soon as possible for dinner! She was so excited to feed me and play around to try and make things taste better, while not hurting me. We watched the Saturday Evening session of conference with this wonderful woman and her adorable family.
After conference was over we helped her prepare dinner and she handed my a huge stack of recipies of foods I can eat! She talked almost the whole time about making me meals throughout the week, having us over on a preparation day to prepare food, and helping the ward feel more comfortable cooking for me.
She fed us the most fabulous dinner I’ve had since I started eating like this and then sent us home with the leftovers! Before we got out of the car she handed me a 20$ gift card for food and told us to call her if we needed groceries or rides.
I have been overwhelmed with generosity many times on my mission, and she showed me yet another example of someone who knows Christ and strives to exemplify Him. Elder Holland talked about how there are some songs we just cannot sing. The song of pure gratitude is one I have frequently found caught in my throat.
I am so grateful for good, honest, and kind people in the world. I have been rejected, accused, opposed, and denied over and over and over on The Lord’s errand. Yet, there have been more moments when I have been loved, served, listened to, and accepted.
God is so good. There are those who are prepared to receive Him and His church. We just have to have the faith, hope, and charity of a true disciple to find them.
I love you all with all my heart.
Until next week! -Sister Johnson

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