Back In Frederick!

Back in Frederick. I’ve missed these people since the minute I left!!!! Oh it feels good to be back! I know this is pathetic…but it’s nice to have Mountains again. It feels so good!!!!! My soul has been soaring this week just to feel the heat and the sunshine!! (oh and not to mention the sweet potato chips we made!)IMG_8999IMG_9946IMG_9959IMG_9960IMG_9945

There’s nothing like photosynthesizing to remind you of who you are (shout out to Miss Whitney Grace Deru). And every good flower needs rain!!! We got tons of it this week! in between the snshine we got dumped on! It was a great excuse to wear my rainboots and jump in puddles! I was singing in the rain as we walked in it ALLLLLL Day!


I also hit my year mark this week! To celebrate I made a “cupcake” with brown rice flour, an egg water, baking soda, and baking powder. Then I filled it with strawberries and melted like a smidgen of dark chocolate on it. I had to have somewhere to put my candle! It was actually rather delicious…and the best part is I wasn’t in pain after!

Then I got cutsy and made caprese salad (minus the cheese) and pt it in mason jars! I’m basically pinteresting my life without pinterest. Who needs technology when you have The Spirit?
Last but not least, here is a photo of our zone dying easter eggs!

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