Basically Broadway

IMG_5935This week was basically Broadway; fast-paced, exciting, and flat out exhausting. Plus I got to meet my favorite Broadway singer- Sandra Turley again! She came and did a fireside for the Frederick Stake due to dear friend in The Braddock Heights Ward.
She was trying to think of someone to speak at her stake relief society fireside several months ago and saw Sister Turley on my blog from when she came to Woodstock! One Google search, an email, and a few months later Sister Turley was in Frederick and I just happened to be there as well. Well…actually I’m pretty sure God intended it to be that way because I learned a very important lesson from as Sister Turley spoke on Saturday.
She spoke about how God has given us all some sort of talent, whether that be singing, speaking, serving, or playing the kazoo. For Sister Turley God gave her a very powerful and beautiful voice and with it some council. She shared that council with us as she said,
 “We must sing. We must sing to praise God. We must sing through our trials.  We must sing for our children. We must sing to defend Our God.”
I learned a great deal from The Lord through her council. This week I have barely been able to keep my head spinning straight and from the emails I received it seems like many of you were busy as well! I found myself getting caught up in the details of things. Things that didn’t really matter.
For example, as missionaries planning is a big deal. If we don’t plan according to The Spirit we may as well throw in the towel because this work can only be done with divine inspiration. Well on Thursday we did weekly planning. It takes about three hours, but I kept getting caught up in how my planner looked and how detailed my notes were. So it took a little longer. In fact we didn’t finish until Saturday.
I let weekly planning nag my brain from Thursday to Saturday and until it was finished I found it difficult to focus and teach By The Spirit. I let a little distraction keep me from “Singing.”
But on Sunday my mind was clear and focused. After partaking of the sacrament I was in a state of peace and calm. We had a lesson that evening with one of our investigators- Mary. Who is so dear to my heart. As we spoke of the Great Plan of Salvation The Spirit filled our hearts. We were able to teach doctrine clearly and help Mary fins answers to her questions regarding church and the resurrection in the scriptures.
I literally watched that wonderful woman repent and change in front of me. her heart softened and she was led by the Spirit to realize the way she has been living is not providing a sturdy foundation for her! The Spirit testified to her the truths of eternity and peace settled in her heart.
As we closed with our testimonies I said something I have never said before in a year as a missionary. I know for certain it was the Spirit. I said, “Mary we are not missionaries for this church. We’re missionaries for the Lord and this is His message to you.”
I was able to “sing” to Mary because my mind was clear and my heart was pure. I know as we seek to clear our minds and  purify our Hearts through the blood of Our Savior Jesus Christ He will magnify us in our callings. Whether in church callings, careers, marriages, or families He will make us worthy to bear His light to all the world.
I’ll leave you with a poem which was given to us in Mission leadership Council. it’s called The Torchbearer.
The God of the great endeavor
gave me a torch to bear
I lifted it high above my head
in the dark and murky air
straightway with loud hosannas
the crowd acclaimed its light,
and followed me as I carried the torch
through the dark and starless night
Till mad with peoples praises
and drunken with vanity,
I forgot it was the torch they followed
and fancied they followed me.
As my arm grew sore and weary
upholding the shinning load
and my tired feet went stumbling
over the hilly road
I fell with the torch beneath me
in a moment the flame was out,
but lo, from the throng a stripling
came forth with a mighty shout
caught up the torch as it smoldered
and lifted it high again
till fanned by the winds of heaven
it fired the souls of men
as I lay alone in the darkness
the feet of the trampling crowd
passed over and far beyond me
their praises proclaimed aloud
and I learned in the deepening shadow
this glorious varity
tis the torch the people follow
who ere the bearer be.
Let’s all live our lives as if we were on a Broadway stage! Let us all let the, “light so shine before men, that they may see [our] good works, and glorify [our]Father which is in heaven.” (Matt 5:16)
I love you all. Be strong. Be brave. Bear the Light!
Love, Sister Johnson
Last Monday we had such a good time getting facials from Sister Batson with the Braddock heights Sisters! Sister Batson is a Jafra consultant and we learned all about Royal Jelly 😛 Which apparently is the food the queen bee eats. Supposedly it’s good for your face.IMG_0011IMG_0013
Somehow I managed to make the exact same face with three of my favorite sister missionaries at Mission Leadership Council! Here’s Sister Evenson, Sister Koyle, and Sister Leete! Two of them are going home next week and one of them goes home in June. As I looked around at all the leaders in the mission I realized by September there would only be me and one other sister left…The mission is going to lose over 100 missionaries in the next three transfers! Time to step it up.
Exchanges with The Brunswick Sisters this week! Sister Guthrie (the blondie) and I hit the streets on Tuesday and had a blast!IMG_0022IMG_0019
Rachel Mcharsky…so good to see her again.
Seriously I think I’m going to smile my face off. SO happy to see this girl again!

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