What a Week!

I’ve got just a short update for you all this week! Sorry! Sister Botchway is going home on Wednesday and we blew all our time today in B-More so we don’t have long to email.
I’ll be staying in good ole Frederick! Sister Guthrie will be my new companion! We actually went on exchanges together a few weeks ago. She’s an ASL missionary so if I’m signing like a crazy woman when I get home it’s because of her! She’s also allergic to sugar and spent most of her time in high school as a vegan. We’re going to get along really well.

IMG_8537It’s nuts to me to realize I only have 4 transfers left. Probably only one more area (knock on wood) and probably only one more companion after Sister Guthrie. (Knock really hard on wood) As my time serving The Lord as a full-time representative is coming to the last stretch of the race I feel like running my heart out. I want to come home and collapse in your arms because I gave it everything I could for The Lord and for these good people.IMG_8535IMG_8529

I’ve learned this week one of the best ways to do missionary work is be the friendliest person around. Smile. Laugh. SHINE. And those who love the light are naturally drawn to you. I mentioned earlier we found Rod this week. Well we found him outside a liquor store at 8:30 at night in the middle of downtown Frederick. It was a time and place I would normally briskly walk through with my head down, but instead Sister Botchway and I chatted and laughed our way through one of the darkest streets in downtown. And He noticed.IMG_8526
Dance through life my friends. Smile like there’s nothing better in the world to do.
It’s not easy. I wanted to tear my insides out and curl up in a little ball this weekend. But let me tell you a secret-
 When we lose ourselves in the service of others our pain, fear, doubt, and discouragement melts away.
When I have been in the most pain, yet have continued to share The Gospel, when I open my mouth the pain disappears. I testify that God removes the pain from me to allow me to fully voice what He wants me to say. This ONLY happens when I place my priority on what He wants me to do.
President Thomas S. Monson quoted Benjamin Landart who in his talk Treasure of Eternal Value in the April 2008 Liahona. He said, “The greatest decision I ever made in my life was to give up something I dearly loved to the God I loved even more. He has never forgotten me for it.”
God is so good my friends. Give your life to Him. Radiate His Light. And He will pour out a blessing upon you from the windows of Heaven. Even, He will wipe away every tear, take away every pain, and fortify every weakness.
I love you all.
Love, Sister Johnson


Sister Botchway and I have a huge section of Downtown in our area. Wednesday night or so we were walking the streets and paused to take a picture in front of the penny heart! only about 20 minutes later we found one of the most desperate to change people I’ve ever met. His name is Rod. More on him later.
Also found a picture of Jesus with a skateboard on a no skateboarding sign… that’s Frederick folks.
Lunch with Hedi and Rachel!! I love these two.
Food is my friend. Especially when it’s organic and sugarless. Literally the first smoothie I’ve had in 8 months that didn’t taste like grass.IMG_8542IMG_8522

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