Did You Know the Work is Hastening?

So just to give you a run down of how incredible this week was…

-Troy committed to be baptized on June 18th.
-Troy also Came to church for the first time.
-Jasmine came to church for all three hours. Which is a total miracle because she has a 7 month old who is basically a monkey.
-Jasmine also wants to be baptized ASAP.
-We found an investigator who we lost last week. He and his friend are in a rehab facility and they can only go walking on certain days. They have no phone and no address. So when we got rained out last week we figured it was over. Turns out, in the middle of downtown, The Lord led us straight to him. His name is Rod.
-Rod wants to be baptized on June 17th if at all possible.
-Sister Guthrie and I ran out of plans in an area we didn’t know on Thursday. So we prayed to see which direction we should go. I felt like we should go right and she felt like we should go left. So we rock paper scissored for it and I won. So we went right and almost immediately had an incredible street contact with a 12 year old. Kept walking right and felt like we should turn around so we went left and almost immediately ran into a woman who is from Chicago. She’s met with missionaries before and even prayed to decide whether or not she should be baptized. We were blessed with the Spirit to share our testimonies with her and strengthen her.
-“We prayed Wednesday morning to find someone who was actually ready to investigate the Church – not just a nice person who was willing to invite us back. One of our appointments fell through that afternoon, and we decided to go to one of our backup people that I had felt very impressed we needed to stop by sometime that day. All we knew was that their names were James and Hannah and that they were two teenagers who were open to the gospel. We knocked on their door and, after we explained who we were and how we knew his name, James let us in and we were able to teach him and Hannah a lot about Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They both come from rough backgrounds and are trying to make a better life for themselves. James especially has experienced God’s ability to transform his life, and he is willing to experiment further and see what the restored gospel can do. They are both coming to the young single adult activity tonight and we’re going with them to introduce them to the YSA elders who will be teaching them. The coolest part though, going back to our specific prayer, was that James used the word “investigate” twice in our lesson with them. He knows that he’s going to need to put in some work to find out for himself, and he and Hannah seem willing to do that. We’re excited for them!” -copyrighted from Sister Guthrie’s email because I’m running out of time.
-Had dinner with a member family (who have 7 kids and 1 one the way) and invited them to pray to find someone prepared to receive the gospel. Two hours later they called us with a referral of a woman who had just fallen and broken her hip and wanted to learn about The Church.
-Got two media referrals this week of people who want to learn more. One of them wants to be baptized.
So yeah. It’s been nuts. I know God is hastening His work here on the earth and we have to keep up. One of the most important things I learned this week was the significance of the invitation to be baptized. We’re looking to find the elect. We’re looking to find those who are prepared to be baptized NOW. If we never ask them to be baptized or we wait until they’re “ready” why would God send us people who don’t want to wait?
We have invited every investigator to be baptized this week and several street contacts. All but one person said when they knew what we teach is true they would be baptized. Sister Guthrie and I have a goal this transfer, “Be bold with Love.” And we have a scripture we recite each morning to remind us of that goal. It’s the second half of Moroni 8:16
“Behold, I speak with boldness, having authority from God; and I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear.”
Have enough love for the people around you to share with them the most valuable possession any of us have- Our testimonies. I promise as you do, that miracles will happen. I know they will because they have happened as I have shared my testimony. The blessings are pouring out of the windows of heaven so much that we can barely receive them. I fall on my knees around 10:30 every night, utterly spent, because we spent all day collecting the blessings of God.

Due to transfers Sister Guthrie and I are on our bikes every other day at least. Which presents a few problems.

#1 I have to wear a skirt.
#2 I have to wear a helmet…bangs+helmets=disaster
#3 To solve problem two I have to wear my bangs up, which makes me look like a dinosaur.
Nevertheless, The Lord provides and we have received so many blessings from these wonderful bikes!
#1 I own a magical biking skirt. You can’t even tell it’s torn and stained! #sistermissionarymall
#2 I don’t have to wash my hair when I put my bangs up! So I get more time in the mornings to sing and dance to my favorite musicals (aka Les Mis and The Sound of Music)
#3 Looking on the bright side, the helmet sits squarely on top of my head. Like a crown! #princessstatus
#4 We go fast. I like fast.
One more problem that comes about with blessing #4 though is when you go fast you crash hard. I left some skin on the sidewalk to prove it. Although Sister Guthrie told me I was rather graceful.
Bikes are great! I feel like a true sister missionary now!
This week we went to every corner of our area. From the wheat fields of Emmitsburg to the concerts of Downtown Frederick. It was a blast!
Plus we had Sister James come with us this week. She’s 65 and a total hoot. Love her. IMG_8583IMG_8584IMG_8593IMG_8594IMG_8603
Search for the blessings. Live The Gospel. Love The Lord.
I love you all. Sorry I’m a scatter-brain this week 😛
-Sister Johnson

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