This week!

So we have such a great opportunity every week to go and talk to hundreds of people in Downtown Frederick! We had a great conversation with this guy and it all started because of his four fluff balls. If you can believe it, they all ride in the a small basket on the back of his bike! Loving dogs is a blessing, because while you pet the adorable little animals in front of you, your companion talks to heir owner about the Gospel!

And this owner was pumped to have a conversation with us. He isn’t Christian, but he’s human and he had a lot of questions about us and our faith. He also had a lot of fears concerning his family and preserving his culture. It was awesome because we were able to answer all of his questions using scriptures in the Book of Mormon! At first we didn’t think he would be open to learning, but by the end of our conversation he happily accepted a Book of Mormon and said he would read it!
I wholeheartedly believe dogs are emissaries of The Lord and they open people’s hearts to The Gospel. If it wasn’t for Rafi, Nani, Snowball, and Chichi we wouldn’t have been able to testify and bring the Spirit to Ronnie’s heart.
And I think I channel way too much dog…because I just couldn’t keep myself from sticking my head out the window on a hot day this week.


Wow, I was really bad at taking pictures this week. Sorry guys! These are all the pictures Sister Page and I took from exchanges! She came with me to Frederick 1st and Sister Guthrie went to Brunswick with Sister Hooper! We all had such a good time! I had a doctor’s appointment late Friday night and it was in West Virginia so we road tripped! We had permission to be out late and by 9 o’clock I still hadn’t eaten dinner! So we made a five guys run. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure Idaho potatoes are better than any other potatoes because I was in heaven. Not supposed to eat fries…but it didn’t hurt too bad. Totally worth it.

Saturday morning we had two appointments lined up and both canceled! So we planned according to The Spirit and were led through a series of miracles to Downtown. Well guess what, there were maybe 800-1000 people there. We were dishing out cards and copies of the Book of Mormon like they were going out of style! We had some fantastic conversations with a few people who were willing to sit down and chat and just had a blast!IMG_8661IMG_8658IMG_8657IMG_8655DSCN3218DSCN3217
One more puppy picture. I can’t remember if I already sent this one…but this is Ollie! He’s an english mastiff pitbull mix and he’s awesome. He’s a 100 pound baby and he sure loves to be loved! This dog backs me into a corner every time we see him so I can pet him. Hopefully someday his owners will be open to The Gospel!

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