There’s No Place Like Woodstock

This last week I said goodbye to good ole Frederick! I sure will miss the AMAZING Frederick zone, my bean plant, and the zero cell service in our apartment. To celebrate my departure we cut Sister Guthrie’s hair! I didn’t do too shabby if I do say so myself. IMG_8737IMG_8738IMG_8740IMG_8746IMG_8747IMG_8748Oh Woodstock….how I love you. I’m back in my same desk and my same bed with a stinking incredible companion- Sister Goodwin! We celebrated the transfer by throwing out/ giving to the elders at least 200$ worth of absolute junk. Sister Goodwin is joining me on my diet!! Woohoo!! We threw chocolate out the window. That was fun. (it was unwrapped so we didn’t litter!) IMG_8749IMG_8750IMG_8751

We also changed our tire! Well, we tried to change the tire. Now I know how to change a tire! it was just much easier to let a nice man who offered do it. Plus he actually let the tire touch the ground when he took the nuts off…probably because he wasn’t strong enough to take them off with the tire cranked high in air. 😉 #lessonlearned


Driving to church with Jessie was just wonderful.

Sister Evenson toured the mission with her family after transfers, and she stopped by Woodstock! We were able to be in our favorite ward together again for a couple hours! It was weird, but brought back so many good memories. She really is my best friend so it was sad to see her go… four months and that will be me!


Wow is all I can say about this week. I never thought I would be going back to Woodstock, but The Lord knows the desires of our hearts! And I am so grateful He does. Seeing all of my friends, really family, again has been like coming home. The months I spent in Woodstock were the best of my mission and God has blessed me with even more. Not to mention He blessed me with an incredible companion. Sister Goodwin is from Sartoga Springs and I absolutely love her. We’re short on time this week (very short) so this is all I really have time to say! But I love you all. With all my heart. Often I feel like my heart is going to explode I love you all so much! have a great week! Stay safe!

Love, sister Johnson


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