“They’re Fireflies”

IMG_8817img_8819.jpgIMG_8821IMG_8834It was dark night in Woodstock one day and Sister Goodwin and I had just finished saying our prayers. We climbed in our beds and started to fall asleep when I noticed something outside. The following conversation ensued;

Me: “Hey Sister, do you see those little lights on in the trees outside?”
Her: “Yeah! What are those? Is there something going on at the school?” (Side note- there is a long stretch of trees that are right outside our window that separate the town homes from the school)
Me: “No, I don’t think so….what are those?”
We can’t figure it out so we head to sleep and the next night I’m looking out the window from my bed when a firefly come right up to our window. I grabbed my glasses and looked a little closer and it was like fireflies had invaded our yard! Then I looked in the trees…
Me: “Sister! They’re Fireflies!”
To our delight there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of fireflies in the grove of trees right outside our window. The trees literally sparkle! As if the stars had just fallen out of heaven and made themselves at home in our trees.
Now every night we lay in bed and watch the fireflies as we got to sleep.
Sometimes it’s difficult to recognize God’s hand in our lives. We may say certain experiences or circumstances come about due to worldly influences. For example the fireflies being a result of some strobe lights at the high school, but if we look closely we will notice that all things testify that there is a God. He is Great Creator of all the earth and all things in the earth.
This week I was rather put off by the physical challenges that make missionary work difficult for me. I wondered why I had to be born with a certain weakness that led me to this and even attributed my trials to the consequences of an earthly body. I saw no miracle in the physical limitations I was given.
Then I realized through the words of a good friend that I am a divine creation of a loving God. He made me this way and He never messes up. Then strobe lights turned into something much more miraculous. A physical ailment became a blessing and a gift, not a curse.
We all have trials. I have seen plenty of people just this week with challenges I cannot even come close to comprehending. Financial, physical, mental, and emotional challenges that seems to be the result of “bad luck.” But if we all look closely at our challenges then I know we will see that  “They’re fireflies.” They are blessings in disguise.
We didn’t have many opportunities to teach this week and quite frankly spent a good deal of time pounding on doors no one would answer, but I know that I grew from this week. Out of the many many many doors we knocked a couple were answered and we received the blessing of testifying and inviting those wonderful people to come and see for themselves if The Gospel is true.
I’m so grateful for this week and for the many tender mercies we have received from The Lord. Really just being here with Sister Goodwin is a huge miracle for me. She is the best teacher. She is the kindest person. She loves The Lord and she works with all her heart, might, mind, and strength every single day. She pushes me to become a better disciple of Christ and I consider myself blessed to work with her! We are hoping and praying we will stay together in Woodstock for the remainder of my mission!
Woodstock has my heart. And so do all of you! Look for your fireflies this week! I know you will see so many blessings and miracles. The Gospel is true my friends! Truer than anything we have. I know it.
I Love You All.
-Sister Johnson
A picture a day is our goal! So far so good. Jessie wore his church clothes to church this Sunday!! #sucess


Pre-District Meeting with Jessie. Who says elders can’t play with toys?


Last ones! Jessie insists on walking us out and opening our doors after every appointment ❤

The 30 minute ride to church is a blast full of selfie’s, gospel discussions, road rage, and bad carrots.
Oh wait, three more of our cute selves. Courtesy of Bishop Wright.

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