Am I a Mormon?

This week we went fishing with Crystal in Front Royal and on the way up her step-son turned to me and said, “Am I a Mormon?” I laughed out loud and answered him that he hadn’t been baptized, but someday would be if he chose to.

His question has been on the back of my mind all week. It was nothing short of a BIG week with exchanges, the sisters conference, a 70 visiting our ward, and interviews with President Christiansen. Sister Goodwin and I have been working our tails off to keep up with the hastening pace of The Lord.
Sometimes though when you’re just moving from event to event or appointment to appointment you can fall into a rhythm that robs you of the unique perspective that accompanies the message of The Restored Gospel. I found myself way too many times this week saying the same things over and over again and sometimes getting way too complicated just to make it interesting.
For example, one of our biggest challenges is helping people get to church. I sometimes feel like I imagine my mom felt when I was a stubborn teenager who would sneak out of church and come back in time for Young Womens. I can only think of how frustrated she must have been because she knew church was the place I could find help, but I refused to fully engage.
I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have invited people to come to church and how many times they have not come. Yet, I kept doing the same thing! I kept going through the motions! Asking them to come to church because thats where we all should be, rather than inviting them to come and see how The Message of The Restored Gospel is taught in His church and partake of the sacrament.
There is so much more to being Mormon than going to church, serving a mission, or even reading your scriptures. Being a Mormon is being a true disciple of Jesus Christ. It means you not only do what we’re asked to do you live in a manner that Christ would live! Instead of praying because we’re supposed to say our prayers we pray to receive revelation from our Heavenly Father.
Instead of going to teach someone the message of the Restoration because thats what I’m supposed to do, I go teach someone the message of the Restoration because it’s going to change their life. Last night I taught to teach. From now on I’m determined to teach to change.
I’m a Mormon. That means I follow a living prophet. I understand who God is and who i am to Him. I share His Gospel because it’s changed everything about me, and it can do the same for anyone else.
This week I really reevaluated my membership in this church and the message I’m sending God about how important that is to me. Lets just say I repented and am determined to do better. I have plenty of good examples to follow here in little old Woodstock. Not to mention a companion who exemplifies Christ-like attributes in a way I hope to do as well.
It’s been a great week. I’m a different woman than I was when I emailed you last week! I love you all. You bring so much joy into my life! Be you. Be Brave. Be Strong!
Love you!
-Sister Johnson
Pictures from this week!

Selfies are just a must with us. hair has NEVER been this long and it’s awesome. Sister Goodwin is a champion at braiding it in the back of a minivan driven by a crazy sister missionary.
And!!! It was National Hot Dog Day on Wednesday!!!! Don’t ask why, but my favorite foods have become hot dogs and grilled cheese….two things I really shouldn’t have. At all. Ever. Which is probably why they’re my favorite foods. We splurged anyway and stopped at a hot dog shack on the side of the highway. I went bun-less…that makes it ok right?
Lynn cut my bangs! Apparently I didn’t do a good enough job with the fabric scissors…so she had to fix it. Not going to lie I was a little scared when she pulled out the trashbag (aka cape). I thought for sure I was doomed…. JK Lynn, I love you 😉

I went on exchanges with Sister Jensen this week in Winchester!!! We had to stop at 5 guys so I could eat some Idaho potatoes…from REXBURG! Booyah. Shout out to my Idaho homies.

Sister Jensen is one of my very favorite Sister training Leaders. She has no fear! And inspired me to have no fear when she put a snake in my hands and a rat on my neck! After the initial “this is so freaky I want to puke” it was actually pretty cool! Say hello to Pandora and Mouskawitz!
Sister Jensen is also the cat whisperer. She totally meowed at this kitten until it ran over to us.
Last but not least…this week we had a specialized training for all the sisters in the mission! It involved some fun get to know you/ empowerment activities and several great discussions! At the end they ordered donuts from a famous donut shop nearby I can’t remember the name of. Apparently they were delicious! Since I couldn’t have any, I made it my treat to catch pictures of everyone mid-bite. Some of these are real gems. Enjoy! I absolutely love every one of these sweet sisters with all my heart! IMG_8939IMG_8940IMG_8942IMG_8943IMG_8945IMG_8947IMG_8948IMG_8950IMG_8951IMG_8952IMG_8958IMG_8959IMG_8960IMG_8961IMG_8928IMG_8936IMG_8938IMG_8941IMG_8944IMG_8955IMG_8956

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