Fishers of Men

FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (6)IMG_1889IMG_1898IMG_1899IMG_1901IMG_1902IMG_1906IMG_1907IMG_1910Bright and early this lovely July morning Sister Goodwin and I popped out of bed and went fishing with Bishop Wright and his family! We had a grand ole time and caught tons of cute little fish! Sister Goodwin even caught a bass we later cleaned, cooked, and ate! There’s a picture in here of me holding an empty fishing line because the fish I had caught broke my line and got away!

Well my friends this week was one for the books. The biggest news of all is Sister Goodwin and I are staying together in Woodstock for another transfer! I’m so glad we get to stay together. She’s my best friend and I’ve never been so grateful to have someone by my side 24/7. We’re pumped for the next six weeks!

This week we had a lot of fun, but saw some incredible things happen in the process. The picture of the little girl with the flower in her hair is me and Trinity. Trinity and her sister Alexis are actively taking the missionary lessons and they are soaring. They’re the ones who we found through the kitten I put in my pocket! Missy the kitten is present in every lesson and must find us boring because she sleeps through every one.
Alexis told us on Tuesday she had done as we asked after our previous lesson (The Restoration) and prayed to God to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if the things we taught were true. She said, “I prayed and I just got this peaceful feeling like wash over me and I just knew! I know its true!” She has been faithfully and diligently reading the childrens Book of Mormon everyday and praying everyday.
I am blown away every time we talk with her or text her. She and her sister have this incredible understanding of The Gospel already. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and they didn’t quite understand Resurrection. So we got up and did a little analogy involving them and a couple of jackets. After we explained we watched it just click in their little heads. I have never been more touched by the faith of a child. ❤
I caught another virus this week and so Sister Goodwin and I spent another whole day inside. Fortunately there is no shortage of church movies at The Wrights house and they’re happy to let us borrow! We watched a couple movies on The Restoration of The Gospel and were blown away by how real it was for the early saints. To us it sometimes seems like just a story, but religion aside it’s history! Before we went to bed we sat down and did some planning to at least get some work done, and I felt prompted that we should take just a couple minutes and do a brief companion study where we practiced teaching the restoration in under 3 minutes.
As I recited the First Vision I had a life changing moment. One of those moments where the Spirit just hits you and overwhelms your mind and heart. I started to cry and as I finished reciting the words of Joseph Smith I bore my testimony. There have been few times where I meant it more than I meant it right then. I bear you the same testimony that I know Joseph Smith saw God, The Eternal Father, and His Son Jesus Christ. Through him The Savior restored His Gospel upon the earth and we have access to it through The Book of Mormon which I know to be the word of God! It’s true. I know it with all my heart.
God has called each of us to share our most prized possessions, our testimonies, with those we love. he has called us each to be fishers of men. To preach The Gospel and to establish His kingdom wherever we go. This work is bigger than all of us and is worth everything we have.
I love you all so much. Especially those of you I am currently serving. You have my whole heart and soul. I am so grateful to be with you. I am so grateful to serve you.
God is good.
I love you,
Sister Johnson
Bright and early Wednesday morning we went to the Washington DC temple with Lynn! We met Brother and Sister Jensen there and they took Lynn to do baptisms while Sister Goodwin and I went to do a session. We spent four wonderful, blissful hours in The Lords house. It occurred to me the next time I would walk into the temple I would be a day away from returning home. The two other times I have attended the temple on my mission I’ve gone with a pressing and urgent need to have questions answered and concerns resolved. This time I felt nothing but peace. It was a good day.
Milked a goat, taught the plan of salvation, killed a cricket, cleaned a cupboard, and bought a Minnie toy (or several) for a three year old who was having a rough day.

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