Singing In The Rain

Every new week brings different challenges and concerns, but this week must have been Satans birthday or something because we got hammered. Here are a few examples of some of the things that happened to Sister Goodwin and I which could have turned this week into a terrible one.

1. We got caught in DC traffic when everyone is coming home from work. it wouldn’t have been too big of a deal if we didn’t really need to be at mutual on time because we had three investigators coming and one going to activity days. Needless to say we were about 40 minutes late.
2. I ate something not so wonderful for me on Friday…we made it out the door ok and headed to a lunch appointment with Lynn. Right before she walked in I had to run back to the bathroom and puke my guts up. Barfing in a local diner with no toothbrush 30 minutes away from home is not so fun.
3. East coast bugs really have a taste for west coast blood and they feasted on us while we picked potatoes for a member. I came away with over 30 bites!
4. Door slam after door slam after door slam. One woman opened her door and we said, “Hi! we’re the sister missionaries from The Church of Jesus-” She abruptly said, “No.” and quite literally slammed the door in our faces. 85 percent of the doors we knocked on didn’t even open.
Despite the negativity of the week Sister Goodwin and I consider ourselves to be fairly positive people and regularly hummed the tune to Annie’s “The Sun Will Come OUt Tomorrow.” But eventually we got tired of waiting for the sun to come out. It’s exhausting to suffer through hard times! So early in the week we decided to literally sing in the rain.
It was one of the best nights of my mission. Around about 8 o’clock in the evening all of our plans had fallen through for the third night in a row and to top it off it was raining. But we went and did some tracting anyways and decided to have some fun. So we closed our umbrellas and waltzed down the street singing the words to “Singing in the Rain.”
President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Let us go forward in this glorious work. How exciting and wonderful it is. I do not know how anybody can feel gloomy for very long who is a member of this Church. Do you feel gloomy? Lift your eyes. Stand on your feet. Say a few words of appreciation and love to the Lord. Be positive. Think of what great things are occurring as the Lord brings to pass His eternal purposes. This is a day of prophecy fulfilled, … this great day in the history of this Church. This is the day which has been spoken of by those who have gone before us. Let us live worthy of our birthright. Keep the faith. Nurture your testimonies. Walk in righteousness, and the Lord will bless you and prosper you, and you will be a happy and wonderful people.” (July 2001, Words of the Prophet: The Spirit of Optimism, Gordon B. Hinckley)
Even though there may be some days where it seems like there is no sunshine to be found, we are still in control of our attitude. We can be happy through rain, wind, and snow if we choose to! I reflected again this morning and was blown away by how many miracles could be found amidst what seemed to be a week of disaster.
1. Alexis and Trinidy came to church. These two beautiful girls are some of my very favorite people. They have my whole heart and have soaked in everything about The Gospel. They are eager to keep learning find answers to their questions!
2. I received a package from a friend of my moms and it absolutely made my day. It’s funny, but I’ve needed to buy a new toothbrush for like 3 weeks and we haven’t gotten to the store. Well, she sent me a toothbrush! #thesmallstuff
3. We had lunch with Cassie who I love dearly. With her new work schedule it’s been difficult to see her and many of our appointments have fallen through, but this one STUCK!
4. We found three new investigators this week. Patty and her two foster daughters Rene and Destiny. They have a baby chihuahua named Thor ❤ Rene and Destiny came to mutual on Wednesday and then they invited us to their church picnic on Saturday! We had a great time sharing our beliefs and talking about our missions with them and other members of their church!
5. We didn’t crash on the way to Baltimore. If you know me you know I’m a rather horrible and distracted driver. Playing the ABC game in the heart of the city almost killed us, but we survived!
6. Sister Goodwin and I had a long chat about the goals we want to set for this transfer. We both determined that we struggle with many of the same things! So instead of setting personal goals, we set goals together to help each other become who we want to be! She really is my best-friend.
7. As I looked around in fast and testimony meeting yesterday I realized that 8 of the 16 months I have been serving my mission have been in Woodstock. So blessed….
8. The Gospel is true. I know it. Every single day I get the privilege of opening my scriptures to read the words of the prophets that answer the questions of my soul. The Book of Mormon settles any doubts, questions, or concerns anyone could ever have. It is true and I feel so blessed to share it.
So really, this week wasn’t terrible at all. Many bad things happened TO us but they couldn’t change who we are. They couldn’t get us down. Satan didn’t win because we didn’t give up! In fact we didn’t even just not give up, this week we fought back.
We are all part of God’s army in this great battle we’ve been fighting since before we were born. I know if we fight actively for Christ it will not be easy, but it will be worth it. Do you know the best way to fight for him?
I love you all,
Sister Johnson
Pictures from this week!
Baltimore trips are one of my favorite/most hated things on my mission. My favorite because its so cool to see the city and we hit up Trader joes on the way and my least favorite because TRAFFIC!

One of my favorite children…this is Cole! He was born the day I was set apart!!

Mexican food….we killed it. #rollingoutoftherestaurant


Missy fell asleep in my lap again!! And I held a baby turtle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMG_9071IMG_9072

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