Harry Potter: Hogwarts Compulsion

Description: An article I wrote for my mass media and society class. The assignment intended for us to write about readings or expieriences we encountered outside of class during the week.

Date: May 2018

A new game was published just a couple weeks ago for Apple and Android devices- Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

I have never been into video games, gaming systems, even games on my phone. I’ve always preferred to play games with live people sitting in front of me, but having just finished the Harry Potter series for the 12th time over spring break I was curious to see if this video game could rekindle the magic I feel when I read Harry Potter.

Unfortunately for me, it did. The moment I started playing I was hooked into the world of wizards and goblins. My childhood came back to me in a new way where I was part of the story rather than an outside observer.

It is interesting to me how quickly we attach ourselves to forms of media which resemble something we previously had an attachment to.

For example, movies that follow phenomenal books seem to do better with the public and vice versa. We attach ourselves to parapphanalia relating to our favorite universes like Stranger things, Lord of the Rings, and the realm of Disney.

Is it part of our nature to develop a complusion towards things that remind us of good times and good feelings? What part of us is missing we seek to fill with games, toys, T-shirts, movies, and books?

I can’t quite say, but I hope someday to permanately fill whatever hole contrains me to play, read, watch, and buy things I do not need.