The Power of Video in News

Description: An article I wrote for my mass media and society class. The assignment intended for us to write about readings or expieriences we encountered outside of class during the week.

Date: May 2018

I spent some time on Twitter this morning just scrolling through my favorite celebrities, politicians, and news stations.

If I was to take away all the videos connected to the articles I read I would know this, someone shook hands with someone and it was important, Beyonce has some competition, and a big duck escaped a charity event.

However, when I add the video my understanding increases and I see a much bigger picture.

Kim Jong Un shook hands with South Korean leader Moon Jae-in over the boder between the two countries, in South Korea, and in North Korea. Then walked into South Korea to speak with Moon Jae-in.

There are three little Filipino kids called The Little Big Shots who can SING. And I mean really sing. They gave me serious chills while preforming a song by Beyonce.

And an inflatable duck the size of a car blew away from a charity event and rolled down the street as people carefully avoided it.

The power of video in the news is incredible. I read each of the tweets associated with these events and didn’t feel anything or think them particularly memorable.

But after watching these videos I felt hope, joy, and amusement and I’ll rememeber these events for the rest of my day and perhaps longer.