Tech and Robots

Description: An article I wrote for my mass media and society class. The assignment intended for us to write about podcasts we listened to each week about trends in media.

Date: May 2018

On The Vergecast episode 303 Dieter, Peter, Natt, Paul talked about some of the most recent technological advances including the new Gmail. spectacles 2.0, Amazon developments, the Iphone SE2, and spotify updates.

Natt used snaptchat for the first time when she tried the Snaptacles 2.0. She said they’re lighter, waterproof, thinner, and faster. Despite these improvements she said they’re not so great because the format of the videos is strange and unusable.

With the new Amazon in care delivery commentators are afraid this will make it easier to break into cares. They also discussed Amazon Flex with is like an Uber for Amazon.

Amazon echo dots kids and Amazon’s first in home robot are also new and upcoming along with the Fire TV cube.

All the comments about Amazon really shocked me. Its astounding to me how quickly hardware is developinga and we’re seeing things no one could concievably imagine 10 years ago.

It really makes me wonder where we will be technologically in fifteen to twenty years. I can see self-driving cars, robot nannies, self-driving delivery trucks, and phones that project onto your arm.

The world is going absolutley crazy in terms of technological advances. My question is what will we do with them?

We are already such a lazy society, will these technologies that make our life easier make us lazier? Or will it pave the way for us to engage in things we wouldn’t otherwise have time for?

How many jobs will all these technological advances remove? The commentators on The Vergecast didn’t say what all this technology means they only talked about what all the new stuff is and how it works, but I’m thinking even the smallest of advances brings us a step further from the reality we live in now.

In fifty years i think our world will be much the same. People will still be born, work, create families, and then die, but the manner in how they live will change.