Solo Karate Kid

Description: An article I wrote for my mass media and society class. The assignment intended for us to write about podcasts we listened to each week about trends in media.

Date: June 2018

On pop culture happy hour Steven Thompson and Linda Holmes talked about ‘Cobra Kai’ with All Things Considered host Audie Cornish and NPR TV critic Eric Deggans. This particular episode was published on 5/29/18.

The overall review of Karate Kid had elements of sentimentalism and suprise. Critics were happy the revisit of Karate Kid didn’t fall along the same story lines as the original. They also liked that in Cobra Kai the focus was still on the main characters from Karate Kid instead of moving past them.

Thompson and Holmes also did an episode on the new Star Wars movie, Solo. Guests Glenn Weldon, of NPR Arts desk and NPR’s music Daoud Tyler-Ameen contributed to this episode was published on 5/24/18.

The overall review of Solo was “It’s fine” according to Holmes. The critics liked it and thought the movie was “a ride” but not wholly beneficial to the Star Wars universe. They claimed there were many suprises from the movie, such as the trench scene, but because it was a prequel it was overall uninteresting.

I have not seen Cobra Kai, however I have seen the new Solo. Which I loved. Nevertheless, in the Cobra Kai podcast I liked how they talked about the change of story types from now and the original Karate Kid.

They said in the 70’s the story was pretty much good vs. eveil, but now it’s more reality. The good people are sometimes bad people and the bad people are sometimes good people. Our world really has come to change the media to fit this new mold.

In Solo I completley disagreed with their view of how the movie is now. It’s one of the reasons I’ll never want to be a movie critic, because they ruin everything! The movie was great, it gave us a lot of background to the story of Han Solo while giving us a completely different kind of Star Wars.

I did agree with their perception of the director though. Ron Howard, who also directed Apollo 13, is the director of Solo and you can tell in this movie he directed it. Holmes made a comment this is action, but also problem solving.

Solo was great, it made me happy. Karate Kid I’m sure was great too, but I heard it was great from movie critics I don’t agree with. So maybe it wasn’t.