Predicatable **MOO** Much?

Description: An article I wrote for my mass media and society class. The assignment intended for us to write about readings or expieriences we encountered outside of class during the week.

Date: June 2018

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?

Interuppting Cow

Interrupting C…**MOO!!**

Remember the first time you heard this joke and were interrupted by a theoretical cow behind a theoretical door?

Remember how suprised and delighted you were once the punch line of the joke took effect?

Now think of every romantic comedy you’ve ever seen. How many of them are absolutely predictable? Do any guys ever not get the girl? Not that I can think of.

As I watched yet another classic chick flick I found myself correctly predicting the cheesy pick up lines and classic “Wait. **insert pause with intense stare** I love you.” comments.

I longed for an interrupting cow. Something to spark me from my romanticized haze. If only more romantic comedies, or even romance movies in general, or heck any movie, didn’t just follow the same plot line used over an over again.

Movies are just beating a dead cow at this point. There is no more interuppting moo-it’s dead. Occasionally there’s a twitch where you think it may be alive, but it’s not-it’s dead.

Sorry to be a downer, but I crave the unexpected.

The most unexpected production which I’ve seen is the latest Avengers:Infinity War, but even in that movie you know whats going to happen in the end. Captain Marvel will swoop in and the remaining Avengers will go back in time and save everyone at some great personal sacrifice.

It is my observation that we have exhausted our originality in the movie biz.

So here’s a few ideas for Hollywood:

Make a 45 minute movie, kill the main character and cut to black. Everyone always know the main chartacter is still safe if the movie isn’t in it’s conclusion, but what if they weren’t?

Let the girl fall in love with the nerd and ditch the jock. Honestly, nerds make the best husbands anyway.

Evil triumphs. We’ve all heard the saying “Good will always win” but what it doesn’t? Even better make your main character evil halfway through the movie. What if Harry Potter had become a death eater in his fifth year? Or actually just died for real?

Bottom line: suprise me Hollywood.