Religously Incredible

Description: An article I wrote for my mass media and society class. The assignment intended for us to write about podcasts we listened to each week about trends in media.

Date: June 2018

Gene Demby critiqued Incredibles 2 in this episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour. “Incredibles was great, Incredibles 2 was good.” Critics agreed Jack Jack stole the show and added depth to the movie, but also agreed the 1950’s dilemma of women working is no longer an issue. They believe Incredibles 2 addresses problems no longer really a problem.

Noah Bierman, Margaret Sullivan, Jesse Brown, Erin Arvedlund, and Michael Lieberman talked about the recent meeting between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un in Singapore on On the Media. The episode titled Using My Religionfocused on the reporters at the meeting, or at least across from the meeting.

I listened only to the first twenty minutes of On the Media podcast because it was becoming less and less about reporters and more about religion. I liked what they said about the reporters though because they focused on how there was so much coverage, but very little understanding was actually reached.

The limited amount of understanding leads to misconceptions on part of the public who thinks they are educated. This leads to uninformed voting and nationwide unrest.

I loved the critique of Incredibles 2 because I haven’t seen it yet. Most the time when I listen to Pop Culture Happy Hour I disapprove of what is being said because I’ve seen the movie, but in this case, I used the podcast to get a perspective on a movie I haven’t seen.

This new way of listening actually improved my view of Pop Culture Happy Hour because I recognize the need for these critiques. For someone who has no opinion of a movie these reviews help them understand what to expect. I know I can expect great animation, lots of Jack Jack and a working mother stay at home dad dynamic. I also know the universe of Incredibles is getting more complex as the confront real world issues like body cameras.

I’m excited to see it!