The Death of Previews

Description: An article I wrote for my mass media and society class. The assignment intended for us to write about readings or expieriences we encountered outside of class during the week.

Date: June 2018

Think about it. When was the last time you sat through movie previews and you WERE’NT in the movie theater?

Recently I watched a movie using a DVD player, something that happens maybe once every six months for me and never when I’m in my own home, and it had previews!

I was shocked when I realized it had been a very long time since I have seen any previews for a movie.
Using Netflix, Amazon, and my own digital library takes away previews and the play menu with scene selection and special feature options. Now there’s one main menu before the movie even starts and once you press play it goes straight to the movie.

Time just seemed to slip this little change right by me. Now I don’t even use DVDs. At all. My roommate has a hundred but never watches any because it’s easier to just watch what we have digitally.

Now we have YouTube and Facebook to preview movie trailers. It’s faster than sending them out on DVDs, and probably cheaper too.

The need for a preview is gone and the patience to watch it is gone too. Because to be honest, if you had the option to watch previews would you?