A Super Performance

Description: A review I wrote of Mike Super’s magic show at BYU-Idaho in May 2018. The article is available at byuiscroll.org

Date: May 2018

“Exciting,” “amazing,” “incredible,” “shocking” and “thrilling” were just a few reviews from last night’s viewers of Mike Super’s magic show.

Don’t stop believing, hold onto that feeling,” sang Rexburg residents. The lights flashed twice and went black. The show had begun. Tickets were sold out for both the 6 and 8:30 p.m. shows before the doors opened Friday night, yet most audience members didn’t know what to expect.

No one knew they would play the lottery, communicate with Super’s childhood imaginary friend, weld wedding rings or connect with a voodoo doll.

Kholtyn Barney, a junior studying biology, received a kick in the pants and scorch marks on his hands during Super’s “pretend” voodoo trick.

“I thought I felt something in my hand, but then I really felt something on the chair,” Barney said.

Calista Lee, a Rexburg resident, became a “magicianette” as Super helped her levitate a paper napkin.

“It was a great show; worth every penny,” Lee said.

Audience members leaned forward in their seats as their jaws hit the floor while the seemingly impossible proved possible before their eyes.

Super performed a card trick known by only a few magicians in the world, including David Copperfield, by making four aces teleport, made it snow onstage as a tribute to his mother and taught the audience his made-up word “lavenous.”

Tasha Barnes, a sophomore studying therapeutic recreation, said the event was crazy. “I loved it,” she said.

Barnes was one of six other participants in Super’s lottery trick where he dazzled audience members with his talents.

Super was a finalist on the ninth season of America’s Got Talent, won NBC’s show Phenomenon, was voted America’s favorite “mystifier” and is Ellen Degeneres’s favorite magician.