What Time Is It? Summertime

Description: A preview of the summer countdown at BYU-Idaho. The article can be found at byuiscroll.org.

Date: June 2018

When BYU-Idaho students think of summer, they probably think of sunshine. They crave popsicles. They dream about water fights. The countdown to summer can’t move fast enough.

From June 18 to June 23 the countdown will begin with daily dress-up days, and to conclude the week, each major will compete in a tournament of volleyball, tug-of-war and other sports.

The tournament will commence at the College Avenue playfields 3, 5 and 7 from 2 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 23. Admission is $5.

Check out the following schedule so you can be prepared to celebrate summer.

Monday, June 18: Crazy Socks Day

Whether it’s the Christmas socks you always get in your stocking, or the superhero socks you’ve worn holes through, crazy sock day is the time to let them shine.

Tuesday, June 19: White-out Day

Since it’s already devotional, don a white shirt and white pants, or a white dress to white out the BYU-I campus.

Wednesday, June 20: Twin Day

Find your doppelganger and fool your friends and professors by wearing the same clothes.

Thursday, June 21: 90’s Day

The first day of summer is the perfect time to bring back BYU-I’s classic 90s style. Roll up your jeans and stick on those Converse for a perfect Throwback Thursday get up.

Friday, June 22: Sports Day

This is the time to show your true colors. Whether you’re a Provo or a Utes fan, or something else, grab your swag and represent.

Saturday, June 23: Major’s Tournament

Students can expect a cotton candy machine, jousting arena, tug-of-war, volleyball game, water balloon toss, IBC groups and a live DJ at the Saturday event, according to Student Activities.

Madison Smith, a senior studying communication, masterminded the weeklong celebration for her visual society class.

“All schools across the nation are having problems with freshmen retention,” she said. “As a student, I’ve noticed there’s no school unity here at BYU-Idaho.”

Smith hopes to create unity between majors and upper and lower classmen.

“Let’s bring the real spirit of Ricks back.”